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August 11, 2006

Dawn Coe-Jones


Q. You mentioned Lorie. Have you talked to her? Do you have a sense of how she's playing?

DAWN COE JONES: I'm coming off of a month off, no newspapers, no TV, basically, and I've seen Lorie for a total of three minutes maybe at a party on Tuesday. So no, I haven't. We have different schedules going this week. She's certainly playing well enough she can do it. A lot of golf left, but Lorie is playing well.

Q. That was a huge gallery. Were they there for you, do you think, or Hurst? She's becoming a bit of a matinee idol for golf fans.

DAWN COE JONES: It was a refreshing gallery, I'll tell you that. There was some nice, good looking young men out there. So that was kind of refreshing to see that. I don't know who they were following. You would have to ask them.

Q. Brandie Burton was asked the same thing about '93 versus now. What's the biggest difference you see in the course? Obviously the bunkers.

DAWN COE JONES: Definitely the bunkers. You know, they've certainly changed a lot. To be honest with you, I had trouble remembering a lot of the holes. And the more I played it, I just think technology has changed the game such that the ball is going a lot farther now than it did probably back then. And the golf course was playing soft when we played it last time. But it's still a beautiful, beautiful golf course.

Q. Any thoughts on A.J.? She obviously had a tough year and had to with withdraw.

DAWN COE JONES: I'm rooming with her this week, and she needs to go home, as she's going to do, and take care of her wrist and get it better. She's playing in a lot of pain. And so, you know, when you're out there trying to get it together and you have no confidence it's time to pack it in. So I'm glad to see she's going to go home to Phoenix and have it looked at and be ready to go next year.

Q. Are you done for the year or are you going to play more this year?

DAWN COE JONES: I still have got four to go.

Q. Lorie might be the only one who makes it through to the weekend. You've been a spokesperson for women's golf and you talked about the young up and comers. Is it disappointing to have only one go through?

DAWN COE JONES: Yes, it's disappointing for everybody, for the players, especially, to have high hopes and then come in and not play your best, definitely. But hopefully there will be more than one that makes the cut. I had my chances.

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