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August 11, 2006

Bob Pattinson


MODERATOR: The Canadian Golf Course Superintendent's Association would like to congratulate Bob Pattinson and his staff on a successful 2006 LPGA event.

BOB PATTINSON: I would just like to thank all of you for choosing the London Hunt Club for this event. I think that was the biggest thing that ever happened to us in the last 13 years. So I think that's a credit to us and our golf course and our members.

I want to thank you again very much to the RCGA and to CN for their support. And thank you, Tim, for this, and to the CGSA, thank you very much.

Q. Who is the award from?

BOB PATTINSON: It's from the Canadian Golf Superintendent's Association.

Q. Bob, how much different is this golf course now since it was in 1993, when they last played the women's Open here?

BOB PATTINSON: Well, with Reese's changes, I think his mandate was to make it more difficult and I certainly think he's certainly done that with his bunker placements. The tee decks are actually just in the same position. Other than that, I guess wider fairways in a few areas. We tried to make it a little bit more member friendly than it's father had.

Turf wise, the turf is just about the same. It's a poa bent mix. So that has poa changed. A little less poa today than we had about a week ago. Its a great way to get rid of your poa.

Q. How are those greens rolling?

BOB PATTINSON: We were doing our greens readings on Monday and Tuesday evening and we were going between 11.7 and 12 at that time. Mr. Haley from the LPGA had asked us to see if we can get them between 11 and 11.5, so we were where he wanted to be.

Q. Would it be fair to say in your mind as superintendent here that the players this week I'm going to ask you if you've had any interaction with the players in terms of the condition of the golf course in a second. But is it fair to say even those greens are as big as they are, the landing areas are actually fairly tight, that it's not really playing as a big large greened golf course?

BOB PATTINSON: I think it's very easy to short side yourself on these greens. And that's just about what you're saying. There's always a good side and a bad side. And even though Jones' greens average 3,000 square feet, there's definitely areas on every one. And if you get to the wrong side you're going to have some 60 to 100 foot putts. The way the LPGA has been putting the pins in, I think that's the case.

Q. Have you had a chance to speak to any specific players this week at all about the golf course or have you heard anything firsthand from anyone about anybody specific about what they are saying or anything?

BOB PATTINSON: Personally I haven't met any of the ladies yet, I probably will in the next two days, and just the comments coming back saying, the same you're hearing, they're very happy with the speed and the texture of the greens. I think that's what we were trying to get, and the fairways, as well.

Q. You've been here 34 years, 16 as superintendent, it can't be the result of good drainage. How does a superintendent at a very high end private club keep his job that long?

BOB PATTINSON: I think that, one, it's the members of the Hunt Club. They've really embraced myself and my family over the last 34 years. I've lived on the property for the last 30 years. It is home. There's absolutely no doubt about it. Just be good to the people and they'll be good to you. That's about it.

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