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August 12, 2006

Angela Stanford


THE MODERATOR: We'll start with your score card and then go from there. No. 3?

ANGELA STANFORD: 3, hit a not so good pitching wedge to about 20 feet, made that putt.

5, I hit a not so good 6 iron. That was like 30 feet. That was a pretty long putt.

No. 7, I hit driver, 3 wood, just a little chip. We were probably 20 yards short of the green, a little chip to like six feet, six or seven feet.

No. 11, I hit a good pitching wedge this time to like three feet.

12, I hit a 7 iron off the tee and just overtricked it a little bit. I just thought I had to hit it harder than I really did. When I try to hit it hard, it goes left. So left into the bunker, not a bad bunker shot oh, wait, that's 13.

12 was driver, pitching wedge, three putt from like 25 feet.

And then 13 was the bunker shot out to like seven feet.

16 was driver, 3 wood to like ten yards short of the green, chipped it up to like two feet, made it.

18, a really skanky 8 iron out of the bunker that got lucky to stay on the green, and two putts.

Q. How long was that?

ANGELA STANFORD: I guess it was about 30 feet and probably had ten feet left for the par.

THE MODERATOR: You were 13 under heading into the final round. Talk about your day today and then going into tomorrow.

ANGELA STANFORD: You know, it was actually a really solid day up until I guess No. 12. That hole, the mentality of maybe playing conservative and that pin was tucked back, I decided to hit just a nice easy wedge instead of really jumping on the wedge and trying to get it back there. I think the same thing I talked about a couple of days ago where I get conservative and then it's almost like I go scared. I did it on the next hole and finally settled down a little bit.

But the big thing for me tomorrow is I just need to attack this golf course. Whether that means having conservative targets and then aggressive swings or going at the pins, but I have got to be aggressive tomorrow.

Q. Nice to see you back in here again.

ANGELA STANFORD: Good to be here.

Q. You didn't want to talk about Nashville yesterday, but it's only inevitable it's going to come up today. I was wondering what you learned from that experience and what you're going to be thinking about tomorrow given what happened earlier this year?

ANGELA STANFORD: Pretty much the same concept. I mean, I really have to hit aggressive golf shots. If I'm not swinging at the golf ball aggressively, I don't know if my mind and my body just go into scared mode or I don't know what's going on, but all I know is I've got to swing at it and I've got to go aggressive. That's the one thing I did in Nashville.

People ask me, well, did you sit on the lead. Well, I think there's a difference in sitting on a lead and being conservative and trying to put your ball in the right spot. But for me, I can't do that and I learned that that Sunday in Nashville, that that's just not me. I can't just sit on it or play conservative. I've got to come out here and just go for it tomorrow, and if I go down swinging, I'd much rather go down that way than the day I did in Nashville.

Q. I guess with Lorie maybe falling back, although she's still in it, I guess that villain thing doesn't fit right now.

ANGELA STANFORD: I wore my black and everything.

Q. What does that tell you?

ANGELA STANFORD: I realize anything can happen in this game, and Lorie is a great player and she's got a whole boatload of people supporting her out there. I expect her to come out tomorrow and play great. I guess I don't think you can count anybody out at this point.

Q. Could you talk about a couple of the par saves out there? After the long birdie putt on 5 you made the real good putt on the sand save and then obviously on 18 again for the second day in a row, real good par save.

ANGELA STANFORD: I just felt so comfortable with my putter this week. I tried to keep my hands light on the putter, and what I'm saying to myself is what does it feel like? What is it going to feel like for this ball to go in the hole and what line is that going to be?

Same thing on 18. I had an idea that it was going left, but at what speed do I need to hit it to get it to go on the line that I'm trying to make it go on. What does that feel like? Really my putter has really kept me in it this week from having a light grip and really trying to feel the ball more than anything.

Q. I mean, you're obviously an extremely talented golfer and you've been on this Tour since 2001. You've got the one victory to your credit. Can you talk about how hard it is to win at this level?

ANGELA STANFORD: It's extremely hard. I mean, things have to go your way. You have to get the bounces. Once you reach this level, just like the PGA TOUR or any sport across the board, when you make it to the professional level, everybody is about the same in ball striking and everybody is about the same everybody has a great short game and they're usually great putters, and it comes down to is it your week. Just the mental game is key. Am I kicking myself? How am I reacting to bad shots? For me a lot of it is spiritual, too. If it's my week, it's my week. If it's not, I realize that God has something else for me. But it's been a pretty special week. It could be a wide variety of things for people, but when you make it to the professional level, anybody can win any week.

Q. Beyond the fact that your name has been at the top of the leaderboard for three days, did you have any other reason to believe it's your week?

ANGELA STANFORD: You know, it's just been a very special week for me spiritually. You know, I think sometimes I just really try to take control of things, and I just really try to do it on my own. I think this week I've just enjoyed hitting the golf ball and I've enjoyed being out here. The weather has been awesome. For me it's been a spiritual thing. I've just kind of let go a little bit. I know God has blessed me with the ability and the talent and everything, but I don't think I've been enjoying it and I think this week I'm just trying to enjoy hitting the golf ball. It's been a really special week for me regardless of what happens tomorrow.

Q. Do you think the Bradys back home are going to do anything for you? Do you think they're going to do anything for you if you win?

ANGELA STANFORD: The Bradys? Oh, next door neighbors? They had a big sign on my garage door the last time I won and came home from the Open, from Shoprite. They had a big sign on my garage door. I'm sure they would decorate.

Q. When you did win, it was a wire to wire win. Is there any similar feeling that you're feeling this week to when you won the Shoprite?

ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I feel like this is a golf course that you can play I think it all depends on the golf course. This golf course, the greens are getting hard. If I can hit the middle of the green, I think it feels different. Just from what happened in Nashville this year, I learned that it doesn't I think when you win the first time going wire to wire you think it's always going to happen, and in Nashville it didn't. It doesn't feel any different. I mean, it does feel different. That's a bad answer, I'm sorry.

Q. What was the aftermath of Nashville like for you? Were you beating yourself up afterwards? Did it stay with you for a while?

ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I think it did get to me more than I thought in the beginning. Like right after the tournament I pretty much blew it off, yeah, I'm going to learn from it, blah blah blah, but I think it started to set in. Okay, what happened; I had four shots. If you can't win with four shots it wasn't that I was beating myself up, it just made me ask a lot of questions. But those answers were, it's hard. It's hard to win on this Tour. You pick yourself up and you learn from it and you keep going. Hopefully I don't make the same mistake twice.

Q. How long is three years in a golfing career when you haven't won?

ANGELA STANFORD: It's an eternity. People have always said it's harder to win the second one, and I completely believe it because you know what it feels like. Before you win the first one, you don't really know what it feels like or you don't really see it coming. Well, now I know what it feels like, and I want more of it. How do I duplicate what happened? You spend all your time trying to duplicate what you did that week, and it drives you crazy.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks for coming in, Angela.

End of FastScripts.

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