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March 4, 2006

Dean Wilson


Q. Obviously you didn't end the way you wanted to but talk about your round today?

DEAN WILSON: I played solid all the way around. Hit a bad drive on 18. That's a tough driving hole, and you just can't miss it left. I let it go a little too far right. I left myself no shot. Take a shot at par with a wedge in my hand but didn't happen. Other than that, I played good all day. I had a 3 putt on 8, but played good.

Q. The wind was a factor today?

DEAN WILSON: Oh, definitely, the wind is blowing hard so it's tough out there.

Q. What was the difference, an extra club?

DEAN WILSON: Depends on which way it's going. Like 18, you've got to either hit a hard drive right down the center or take it over the water and trust it. That's the part that the wind make it tough where you have to aim outside of fairways and things, and it changes the landing areas that you're used to, whether it's into the wind or downwind.

Q. Talk about this leaderboard, it's crazy that you had a five way tie at one point.

DEAN WILSON: I wasn't following the leaderboard. I didn't see too many out there and when I did, I didn't really look at them. I was too busy fighting the elements.

We have a good leaderboard, and I think Tiger is back up on top right now and everybody is excited to see that.

Q. You're having a great year, two Top 10 finishes?

DEAN WILSON: Yeah, two Top 10s so far. Feeling a lot better. Seems like I'm going to be a ways behind, so if I just get off to a good start and just hang in there, we'll see what happens.

Q. When you see Tiger's name up there, do you just try not to look at it, just play the course?

DEAN WILSON: It's always up there, so we're used to it already. He's always going to be up there, and obviously when he's playing good, he's tough to catch.

Q. Can you describe some of your best shots today?

DEAN WILSON: I hit a couple of key shots. Coming in I hit a good drive on 17 and a nice 9 iron to about ten feet there. So any time you can hit the ball close with this wind, I didn't stuff any in there.

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