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March 3, 2006

David Toms


Q. This thing is wide open, it seems like. Fans may not think so.

DAVID TOMS: Yeah, there's a lot of good scores. I saw it before I teed off today. You know, actually I was surprised that only 13 was leading when I teed off, seeing as what the scores were yesterday.

You know, still this golf course can jump up and get you if you're not on top of your game or hit some wayward shots, it can penalize you. It's rewarding quality shots right now and it's in good shape, and you can see by the scores.

Q. A lot of long hitters on the leaderboard yesterday, and a pair of 66s; does that prove that other guys can get

DAVID TOMS: Yeah, today I didn't hit it very straight either. I was lucky to get away with 6 under par today. My short game was excellent. I need to put the two together. The way I struck the ball yesterday and the way my short game held me in there today, if I can put them both together, I can get a really good one I think.

Q. How much tougher was today's 66, the wind looked like it picked up?

DAVID TOMS: Well, I think it made it harder to hit some of the fairways. They were drying out and had some crosswinds, and then to club yourself, you had to be aware of it today more so than yesterday. Still, the greens are receptive and if you're driving it well, you can have a lot of short shots. Was the.

Q. Was the wind enough that you can blow it over the lake on 18?

DAVID TOMS: I hit driver, 9 iron to 18 today, which is pretty good for me. I would not say that my ball would have cleared the lake but it got pretty far past it after it hit the ground. That hole was downwind today, and I thought it was fair. Like I said, I hit driver, 9 iron. Sean O'Hair, his ball left the club face, and some guy says clear the water and his caddie looked at me and says "The water is not even in play." That tells you what it's all about out there.

Q. Just a guesstimate, but with the few thousand people that are going to be following Tiger and Phil tomorrow, how many guys do you think will be following the group in front of them?

DAVID TOMS: You know, who knows. It's always a thing you have to deal with because they are all trying to get up and get in position to see their shots and all that.

You know, that's just part of the Tour. It's not that big of a deal. I'm sure the crowd will be into it. It's good for our game, it's good for golf, it's good for this tournament to have them up there again. You saw how exciting it was last year so, fine. I just hope I can slip up on them.

Q. You've had success here in the past, does that give you a little extra for tomorrow?

DAVID TOMS: Well, I feel good on these greens. I can make putts out here. They are very similar to what I grew up playing. I like the golf course. I think it's a nice a good test. You know, I mean, if I don't play well this weekend, I'll be surprised because right now, I feel pretty good about my game. I just need to put some pressure on those guys. I think it's going to be there are a couple of power players that are up there on top of the leaderboard. They are going to play the golf course a different way than I'm going to play the golf course, but I've got to be able to post something in front of them every day and see if it's good enough.

End of FastScripts.

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