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August 12, 2006

Lorie Kane


Q. General comments about the round and the way you played.

LORIE KANE: Well, I thought I did some really good things. I played some good golf, but I didn't capitalize on my opportunities. I didn't seem to get the speed of the greens down or the breaks, and then I made 11 straight pars, made some good pars. It was difficult to see some of the pin placements when they're in the shadows, and it's kind of unfortunate for us, but that's part of the job, I guess. I am disappointed in myself on No. 12 because I got distracted and then I let it get me and that's a double bogey.

But I jumped back and made birdie on 15 and thought I hit a good pitch on 16, but it's getting a little crusty on the front of the greens now. I was hoping for that same bounce on 18, which would have fed me right up into the hole.

Overall I did some really good things and we'll take it from there. Tomorrow I've got to go low, but I know I have another good round in me, so I look forward to the challenge.

Q. What exactly happened on 12 tee?

LORIE KANE: I got distracted. The marshals are giving a flag so the marshals in the fairways can see where the ball is headed. I normally move the marshal from right behind me, and I didn't that time so it's my fault, and unfortunately I kind of yelled at him, and I know he was just doing his job, so I do apologize for that. As a result I hit it in the trees, and then I proceeded to three putt. I take responsibility for it and I apologize, again.

Q. Did you get hit with a cell phone on the 1st tee, too?

LORIE KANE: I heard that ring, but it wasn't anything that distracted me over the ball for sure.

Q. Lorie, a bunch of birdie putts had a chance to go in on that front nine. Was that just a case of luck?

LORIE KANE: You know, the Hunt Club and the positions of the pins today, it is our Open Championship, so I assumed that they would put them in some tough places. I just seemed to be putting from a little bit more I was never putting a straight putt for sure and had a lot of break around the cup. You have to be absolutely on with your speed and your read, and I thought I hit some really good putts.

Like the first short putt that comes to mind is on 6 excuse me, 7, the par 5. I thought I hit that within the hole all the way and it jumped. At the end of the day these greens are going to get bumpy, which I knew. But I want to be playing late on Saturday and Sunday, not early.

Q. Heading into tomorrow are you going to go out and play aggressive as you can and make a bunch of birdies?

LORIE KANE: You know, this is part of the process of me continuing to improve day in and day out and week in and week out. Other than the fact that this is our Canadian Open, it's just another week, too, and I need to try to continue to build on the things that have been going well for me. I'm going to go out and play the best golf I can, I'm going to hit every shot and be committed to it and accept what happens and have some fun, too.

Q. The thing that happened on 12, is it tough to get your composure back after something like that? Whenever you get emotionally upset

LORIE KANE: Well, we're professionals, and that's what we're supposed to be good at, and I am usually very good at it. I got myself back together on the next hole and made a great par save out of the bunker, and I'm going to tell you, I worked hard to try to make some birdies coming in, and it just didn't happen.

End of FastScripts.

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