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August 10, 2006

Lorie Kane


DANA GROSS RHODE: We're going to go over your scorecard.

LORIE KANE: Let's start on the back nine where I started. I hit it in the rough off the tee on 12. Hit 8 iron down to the front. I decided to putt off the fringe. I had probably a 45 foot putt. These greens are funky because I thought it would break for sure and it went the total opposite from the way I read it. I missed a five footer for par.

I followed that up with a good par on the par 3.

And then I birdied the 14th hole. We hit 5 iron. We had 170 to the hole. I needed to land it and let it release, which we did, and it was maybe four feet. I'm not good with length of putts. All I know is I made it.

Then the 15th hole, I hit my gap wedge. We had 105 to the pin and I hit it maybe a couple of feet.

16, bogeyed 16, a terrible 3 putt. I hit my gap wedge in actually not the way I would have liked. We only had 92 to the hole. That green plays a little uphill. The first putt was probably 20 feet. The next putt was probably 5 feet. Two very poor putts.

18, that's probably one of the best holes on the golf course. For myself I have to hit 4 wood off the tee, and it left me with about 155 to the hole. I hit one of the best 7 irons I've hit this year just past the pin and made the putt, probably 15 feet.

The front nine, we were cruising along. Birdied 4. Let me think of the 4th hole. I hit my 4 iron hybrid Baffler. We had 200 to the hole. I was just trying to bounce it in, it came up a little bit short and then I almost holed the chip and then tapped it in.

6, that's another great hole. I got the members' kick off the left side of the fairway, which brought me back into the middle of the center of the fairway. Hit 5 iron, just a little gripped 5 iron. Probably had 160 to the hole, which played uphill, and had, above the pin, probably 10 feet, center cup.

7, I drove it in the fairway bunker left and hit my rescue club out. I had 105 yards to the hole and hit a little pitching wedge to maybe three feet. That was pretty much it.

DANA GROSS RHODE: You had a great round. You were 4 under par. You had three birdies. Talk about your first round at the Canadian Open.

LORIE KANE: It was great. I probably didn't drive the ball the best I can. I think out here, particularly on the par 5s, you have to give yourself some chances, but you have to be in the fairway.

The first hole right out of the shoot I hit it in the rough, came up with a pretty nasty lie, but made a great 5. Overall I'm very pleased. I'd like to go out and practice a little putting. These greens are so subtle here. I have to commend the superintendent and his staff because it is our Open championship and it's set up like an Open championship. It's very fair, but it can be penalizing too if you hit it in the wrong place.


Q. (No microphone.)

LORIE KANE: Yes. I actually asked for a ruling. If this is the sprinkler head, my ball is right here. I didn't really come in touch with the sprinkler head, but there is a drain that goes across the fairway and I just wanted to make sure that I could check to see that it wasn't on any rocks. It was a pretty nasty lie and I knew I had to go down to get it. So I just wanted to clarify if I could check to see if there were any rocks. And if there was I would have gotten a drop, but there wasn't.

Q. You covered the flag there on the par 3, No. 2, I think. Did your round sort of build as you went through and obviously made a few birdies after that point?

LORIE KANE: You know, I kind of got settled down after the first four or five holes. What I'm really trying to do is let the round happen, instead of making the round happen. I guess we call that part of the process and just getting into the process and being committed to it. I felt really comfortable with swinging the club.

Like I said, a couple of tee shots out there, I see shapes and when I fight myself on a shape, I just need to let it go. I can hit it right to left and left to right. There are a couple of holes out there that require a left to right shot and I just need to trust that I'm on the right line and let it go.

To answer your question a little bit more, it's momentum. You really want to get it on your side. And I made a bogey early in the round, but like I said to you yesterday, I'm committed to making birdies and not being anxious about the fact that I have made a bogey.

Q. You talked about sort of the quality of the setup and the course. Are you a bit surprised to see someone go out and shoot a 64 on the first round or have that many birdies out there?

LORIE KANE: No, I'm not. We are the best players in the world. And Angela has been up and down through the year, but she can putt. She has good iron play. These greens are huge, and they are very interesting to read, because what looks straight there's something that goes on in a lot of the middle of the putts which determines it looks, at the hole, it looks like it goes right to left, but in the middle of a 10 footer it's going to break twice getting to the hole. So I'm impressed. I'd like to see how many putts she had.

On No. 9, our 18th hole today, I hit a great putt and I kind of thought it should go towards the bunker. And I had Danny come in to firm up what I had seen, and we both thought it would go the other way. I should have went with my first instinct because I probably would have made it. But I hit a great putt.

I do believe it's going to get tougher as the week goes on, because as they move some pins around you know, the first hole, the pin on the left side of that green is going to be difficult to hold that green. So a low score on the first round is not surprising to me at all.

Q. On your back nine, the front nine, what kind of role did the fans, the gallery support have on you today?

LORIE KANE: It's great. I love playing in front of crowds. I'm really impressed with the number of people that are out here for a Thursday morning. I just hope that they stay around to watch the rest of the girls. There is a lot of great golf being played on the LPGA Tour right now.

To be home playing in Canada, I'm excited and having a lot of fun. I'm trying to use the crowd as a boost for me to you know, we're in the entertainment business and it's fun to play in front of people that are as excited as these folks are.

Q. We were talking about momentum and that putt on 18, your 9th. Well, that's when the birdie train started for you, but is that when you felt the momentum swing in your favor?

LORIE KANE: Absolutely. To hit the shot I hit in there, I really wanted to capitalize on a really good iron shot. And I played the hole the way we had planned. I can hit driver off that tee, so I'm going to have a longer club into that green, and I just Danny, we were both talking 6 iron and I said, you know what, I'm a little bit pumped. I'm going to give you the best swing I've got and I've got to hit one less club. So to do that, I said, I can't let this one go. I wanted to have some more momentum to carry me through the front nine, and we did, so it was a good round.

DANA GROSS RHODE: Thank you very much, Lorie, for coming in.

End of FastScripts.

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