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August 10, 2006

Angela Stanford


DANA GROSS RHODE: We're going to go over Angela's scorecard real quick. No. 2.

ANGELA STANFORD: You've got to give me a second because I can't remember. No. 2 is the par 3?


ANGELA STANFORD: Hit a 7 iron in there to about 10 feet.

No. 3 is the par 4. Hit a gap wedge into like seven feet, made that putt.

Par 5, hit a 5 iron onto the green on my second shot and that was probably 30, 35 feet, and it was a two putt from there.

7, hit driver, 3 wood and just a little chip up to about four feet and made that putt. 56 degree wedge.

9, hit 5 wood off the tee and then a hard 9 iron to like 10 feet.

12, driver and a little pitching wedge. That was like 12 feet, made that.

13, hit a I call it a hold 6 iron. But I tried to put as much spin on it as I could. That green is so hard. My 6 iron, the last few days, has not stopped on that green. I hit a hold 6 iron in there to get it to spin and stop, about six feet.

14, hit a cut 7 iron into like a foot.

DANA GROSS RHODE: Well, obviously when you have eight birdies on the day, it's a great day. It's a 64. It also ties the tournament 18 hole record. What was going on out there?

ANGELA STANFORD: I have no idea. I really just wanted to be patient starting out, because I think this course is difficult. I think they can tuck the flags on certain holes and I just think it's a very difficult golf course. So my goal today was to be patient. I just gave myself some chances and the putts were going in today.

DANA GROSS RHODE: We'll open it up for questions.

Q. Congratulations on your round. Did it feel like it was putting that was allowing you to score that way? I guess any time you make 12 footers consistently.

ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I started rolling the ball better at the British Open last week. I think when you're putting well or if you have confidence in your putter, you'll hit it to more conservative spots on the green because you know you're rolling it well and you can make some of those puts.

So for me, in my mindset today, I was trying to hit it to the most conservative part of the green and still have an aggressive approach. So the putter was probably the key today because I felt like I didn't have to go after every flag, I could just hit it to the biggest part of the green and my putter I'm just rolling it really well right now.

Q. Talk some more about No. 14. I asked your caddie and he said you were between clubs. It looked like you had a fairly downhill lie in the fairway.

ANGELA STANFORD: There's a downslope and we talked about hitting an 8 iron, which would have covered the front of the green, and I probably would have had a 30 footer, but I just felt I wanted to get it back there. All day I just, I was just going after all you know, trying to be aggressive.

I think I've learned over the last couple of months, when I start being conservative and I don't just hit the shot that I'm feeling I should hit, that's when I get into trouble. And my gut was telling me hit the 7, cut the 7 in there, put a little more spin on it.

That shot, it was one of those shots where you visualize it and you see it in your head cutting around that tree. It was awesome. I hit it exactly like I wanted to. And in golf that doesn't happen all the time. That was a pretty special shot today.

Q. Is this your best career round?


Q. At what point in your round were you seeing in your own mind that you were on something special?

ANGELA STANFORD: I guess really not until 15 green when I saw the scoreboard and it said 8. And I was like 8 under? Is that me? All day, even when I made the turn at 5 under I just told myself, don't do anything different. Don't sit on it. Don't get conservative. It's Thursday. Keep hitting the shots you want to hit. And that's when I play my best, if I feel like cutting it or if I feel like hitting it low. Even if I mis hit it, I always play better that way because I'm playing with my gut instinct.

Q. If I'm not mistaken, your first win was a wire to wire kind of deal. Are you the type that every once in a while goes unconscious and

ANGELA STANFORD: Pretty much. That's what I felt like today. We had all the good breaks, got all the good bounces. The tee shot on 18 should have been in the rough. I didn't deserve to have the shot that I did. It's just one of those days where everything goes your way. And you just have to enjoy it in this game because it doesn't happen every day.

I know tomorrow is going to be harder because even par is going to look terrible compared to this. But I learned in Tennessee this year just how to approach each day. I've been learning along the way.

Q. On the days when you're not unconscious, are you fighting to not be conservative and sort of fall into auto pilot?

ANGELA STANFORD: That's where I've gotten into trouble this year, where I don't I think I'm better off taking risks than just hitting it to the fat part of the green. I think a lot of that goes back to putting. I haven't been putting very well this year, so it makes me want to get as close as I can to the flag because I know I'm not putting very well. The last couple of weeks I've been rolling it better, so I feel like I what was the question? I completely

Q. I'm just asking, do you fight not to be conservative? Do you have to remind yourself to be aggressive?

ANGELA STANFORD: I do, because when I get scared and when my putting goes south, I just want to get it on the green and just try to make par.

Q. Congratulations again. 2003 was kind of your break out year. You won your first tournament that year. And you're also remembered for the great 18 hole playoff in the U.S. Women's Open. Can you tell us how you felt during that 18 hole playoff. You ended up losing to Hilary Lunke, one of your friends or roomy, I guess, when you were in college. What do you remember about that 18 hole playoff day in 2003?

ANGELA STANFORD: I remember being tired. I walked to the first tee on Monday, and you mentally don't prepare yourself for a Monday. That was a lot of fun. That was by far one of the coolest experiences I've ever had in professional golf. That was a pretty special day.

Q. Talk about being up in Canada. You had a real good tournament last year in Halifax, too.

ANGELA STANFORD: It seems like I'm pretty comfortable on the golf courses up here. I love trees. They seem to have a lot of trees. And the grass is always so green and plush. It just seems to be a great place to play golf. I looked around today and there's so many fans out today, and it's Thursday.

It just seems like the fans have really embraced this tournament this week in this city. It's such a comfortable feeling. It's just a combination of things, but it's a comfortable setting, and the people make you feel great here.

DANA GROSS RHODE: Thanks for coming in, Angela. Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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