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August 11, 2006

Patrick Sheehan


PATRICK SHEEHAN: Patrick Sheehan, thanks for joining us here. Good first couple of days for you. Ten points yesterday and eight today. A lot of players on the golf course, but you have to like your position heading into Saturday's third round.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: I do. I usually don't go around the golf course with few mistakes. It's a hard course. I usually make my share of mistakes, but so far this week it's been good.

THE MODERATOR: The players all talk about playing aggressive out here, yet you've only had 3 bogies through 2 rounds. So that's pretty good course management.

PATRICK HOWELL: It has been so far. I kept myself out of some serious trouble. That's the key out here. I mean, you're going to make a couple bogeys over some days, but you have to avoid the double obviously. That's a negative three. So hopefully I can avoid them all week.

THE MODERATOR: Talk about the 3 straight birdies today.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Yeah. I made a bomb on the first hole today and then kind of made a lot of pars. The last 3 holes I hit it close enough and made the putts.

THE MODERATOR: (Indiscernible.)


THE MODERATOR: Okay. We'll take some questions.

Q. Can you just go through those last 3 holes for you?

PATRICK HOWELL: No. 7 the, Par 3 down the hill, it's a 180 yards. We all hit wedges in our group. If I had hit first I wouldn't have hit a wedge. Chris Riley hit a wedge and Ian and I followed him. We all hit it inside ten feet. I was six feet and I made that.

And then 8 was playing downwind, so it was actually reachable today. I hit driver, 3 wood, just left of the green and putted up there about five feet. Made the 5 footer.

9 was playing pretty short, too. I hit a 2 iron off the tee, and then a 9 iron about ten feet, made that to finish.

Q. What was the bomb on No. 1 that you mentioned?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: We started on ten, and that hole is probably one of the hardest holes out here. You just try to get it on the fairway and get on the green and go. I had about a 30 footer up and over the ledge and just trying to get it close and the thing went in. It was lucky, but it was a good way to start.

Q. When that happens, you kind of know it's going to be a good day

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Well, yeah, there's a few holes you want to get through with a par. 10 is one of them; 3 is another. You want to hit that fairway somehow. When you play those holes, well those are the harder ones. You got some birdie holes out there, and hopefully you can play those well, too.

Q. Was the course conducive to some good scores today?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Yeah. I mean, the greens are still fairly soft. They're getting a little crunchy right now because of the sun beating down on them and the wind.

If we get rain tonight or tomorrow I think we're supposed to they'll soften up again. If we don't get rain it'll get tough because they'll get pretty firm. But right now, yeah, it's conducive to good scoring.

Q. Take us sum up your season and just tell us a little about what's been going on.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: I've been struggling this year. You know, I've just haven't been able to put four good rounds together. I did one week at the John Deere about a month ago, but I've had a lot of good tournaments where I've had two good rounds and two just kind of iffy rounds.

I'll have a really decent round and then I'll have a really miserable round at one point. But for the most part, my year's basically come down to putting. The first couple years out here I was ranked in the top 30 or 40 in putting, and in the last year and a half I've been in the 130 range in putting.

So I've been working hard at that. It's a fine line between making a million bucks and making $300,000, and usually that's putting.

Q. I notice you went to the University of Hartford.


Q. And played with Kelly


Q. How did Hartford become a collegiate golf power?

PATRICK HOWELL: It's a fluke. When I went to Hartford it was the I don't want to say the best team, but one of the best teams in New England. Just funny how it all ended up this way.

Jerry was a really good college player. A little unrefined to say the least. But he's always been a great player.

Tim is a fabulous putter. And I was kind of the freshman they picked on. But there's a lot of talent in New England.

But getting out here is kind of being in the right place at the right time and playing good at the right time. It could happen to anybody. It was just weird that it was three of us from Hartford.

Q. Who is the center and who were the wings, since you played hockey?

PATRICK HOWELL: I actually moved to defense. Jerry was you wanted Jerry in the corner scraping for the puck. I just kind of hung back. Jerry as not afraid to mix it up.

Q. Tim?

PATRICK HOWELL: Tim did not play hockey. He's too slow.

Q. Did you mix it up out there today?

PATRICK HOWELL: No. We had a great group. Ian made two eagles. I mean, he doubled his first he didn't even finish the first hole today and he's minus 3 points. I think that brought him down to 1 point or zero or something like that. He ended up with like 16 or 17 points.


PATRICK HOWELL: Yeah. He had a huge day.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

PATRICK SHEEHAN: You do. When you got two guys that you really like and you're kind of you know, it was a good group for me because everybody talks to each other and you're telling jokes. We all played pretty well yesterday and it just kind of continued today. Everybody's in a good mood. A guy makes a couple birdies and you just follow him up.

Q. When did the wind come up?

PATRICK HOWELL: We got I want to say we played about 7 holes before it really started to blow. 18 was pretty hard downwind when we got to it. That little spot on the left is 300 yards to hit it through, and normally I won't hit it that far uphill into the fairway. Today was pretty easy to do that.

Ian and Chris hit it up to the right and they had wedges in their hands on 18. We played about 7, maybe 8 holes before it started to pick up.

THE MODERATOR: Okay. Patrick, thanks.

End of FastScripts.

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