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August 20, 2006

Davis Love III


DAVIS LOVE III: I just didn't score. I felt like I was playing well and just didn't score. This is the one time when I tried hard, probably a little too hard. Wish I was about 16 under coming down the stretch with Tiger right now.

Q. Where do you feel this puts you as a captain's pick?

DAVIS LOVE III: I don't know. This is the one time when I, you know, try to look back at it objectively. I don't know what he should do really. He doesn't really have anybody from 10 down that's playing that well. He's got a bunch of guys playing good but they don't seem to be 10th and 20th on the list.

So, I don't know. He's in a tough position. I saw him sneaking around out there today watching. You know, I didn't really show him much and I don't think anybody else is either. That's the difficult thing for him.

Q. He was there yesterday with you, too. Did you notice that he was there with you?

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I've seen him around. You know, it's fun. I enjoy the pressure and the challenge but I didn't handle it very WELL. So hopefully put all this behind me and go down to Akron.

Q. How did it affect you?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I don't think it helps. You know, I was trying to win and once you get out of position to win the golf tournament, obviously leads to other things. I was still trying to hit good shots and make birdies. I hit two half decent shots at 16 and 17 and I turned them into bogey and double because they were not quite right. That's just the way it's been going. I've been a little bit off and I'm just in the rough, just over the green and just like 18, just lipping out and you know, if you ask me honestly, I would say I'm not having much like.

Q. Does it mean as much to you, seven times, or more even now?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, it would be seven Ryder Cups and 13 teams in a row. Maybe that's enough. Like I said, I need to just put all this behind me and go try to win Akron and try to get back on track for next time.

Q. Did Tom say that he had a short list of people

DAVIS LOVE III: He didn't say anything to me.

Q. Can you talk about Corey a little bit? I know you guys are good friends and I know you've seen him play; word is he's still considering him for a captain's pick. Can you talk about his game and what he would bring to a Ryder Cup Team?

DAVIS LOVE III: He's definitely a great match play player. That's what I've been trying to say all along, you pick somebody who can help the team, is it doesn't matter how many times they can play or how many teams think haven't played. Lucas Glover in match play might be great with a partner.

Corey Pavin might be great with a partner; he's a competitor, he's played a lot of them. He's probably a candidate for a future captain and you know, you've got to take somebody that's going to play well and I'd pick a putter right now and somebody that's going well.

End of FastScripts.

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