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August 19, 2006

Joey Sindelar


Q. Talk about your double eagle.

JOEY SINDELAR: You know, they're all luck. There's always plenty of guys that hit good shots into par 5s in two and nothing happened. But every once in a while, it happens. It was a huge thrill.

The pin was back left, I was aiming seven or eight yards right of it and I was kind of stunned because I played pretty good yesterday and I had warmed up well and all of a sudden I was 2 over early, and I just kind of wanted a birdie. You know, I just kind of wanted to get going. I kind of yanked it a little bit right at it.

In the morning, any golfer will tell you that it's hard on those kinds of 3 wood shots or long irons when the ball is that wet. You know how thick the air was. And when there's that much dew, it's hard to get the ball up in the air. That hole, it's straight uphill, that second shot. So it's like 240, playing 260.

So when I made good contact and looked up and saw it was up in the air good, I thought, "oh, that ought to be pretty good." My caddie was going, be right, be right. Then when it hit the deck, people started going, oh, oh, you could hear them escalate as the ball got closer and it dropped in.

Q. What's bigger, this or the hole in one on 17 at The Players?


Q. I guess since you haven't had one before.

JOEY SINDELAR: I only remember two of the hole in ones I've had, I mean, without really thinking about it. That one at 17, which, of course, who wouldn't remember that, and way early back in the '80s on the 14th hole the last day of the BC Open I had one with four holes to go from one down to two up, and kind of gagged my way in to win the tournament.

But double eagles are just so different. There's far less chances and far more luck. And there I was begging for it and thinking I'd even take one in a practice round, not get to do it after making the cut at a major at Medinah. How could ask for better than that?

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