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August 26, 2006

Ryan Yip


CRAIG SMITH: You look a little more frustrated. Things just didn't go your way and you couldn't get it turned around.

RYAN YIP: No, I really couldn't get anything going today. I had some really good opportunities and nothing would fall. Really, it was really frustrating today. I was fortunate to get up and down a couple times just to keep it going. He was real solid and never made really any mistakes.

Q. What happened on 16, you had called an official over?

RYAN YIP: My ball was in the hazard and I had really no stance, so I was just trying to get a stance. My ball, I could see it was going to move and I'm like, oh, no, this is not good. So eventually it just fell back a little bit into the hole because it was kind of sitting on grass so it fell into a hole. I just didn't know what happened. I mean, I realize it probably wouldn't be a penalty, but I just made sure to call a rules official, so it wasn't even deep into the rough. Really nothing there so just kind of hope for the best.

I thought I made that chip, and it lips out. I thought that was it there.

Q. What's your level of disappointment?

RYAN YIP: Pretty high. I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10, it's 8 or 9. It's two weeks in a row that I've had great opportunities to move on to the finals, and I was up in both matches at one time. I felt like I was in control and I just couldn't pull it through, so it's kind of frustrating, two weeks in a row.

Q. Yesterday you had a problem with your driver and you had to make another choice today to which driver you were going to pick, did that have any effect on your play at all?

RYAN YIP: Not really. I kind of found it yesterday afternoon. I hit it half decent. I hit it enough to where I could score.

Today I was fairly decent. Nothing to be overly concerned about. I missed a couple times but no real trouble off the tee. So besides when I hit 2 iron in the bunker on 10, I mean, that was like an inch from being perfect and lands on the lip and goes back. So just a game of inches, I guess.

Q. Did your dad say anything to you that was maybe consoling?

RYAN YIP: I mean, he's real proud of me obviously. I've had him on the bag, he's been around for the last two weeks, so it's been real exciting for him.

It's probably my last amateur tournament. So I was glad to have him on the bag and have him around, watching me play.

Q. Will you kind of like wait, you said last amateur tournament, obviously you're thinking of going pro, but will you wait until they name the team, the Canada team?

RYAN YIP: Oh, yeah, definitely. I'm going to wait and see. My chances aren't that good. I realize where my position is in Canada. I've just got to hope for the best. It's totally up to the RCGA. I would love to go play for Canada, obviously, and go to South Africa. I feel like I'm playing well enough to be on the team. It's up to RCGA now. There's nothing I can do.

But I've got to look forward and look out for myself and I've got to figure out what I want to do, and I know I want to turn pro soon, as soon as school's done. So I've got to get ready for that.

Q. When he has the chance to really take control at 12 and doesn't, and then 16 and doesn't, do you start to get the feeling something special is about to happen?

RYAN YIP: I felt good over the putt on 17. I felt really good over that putt there. I couldn't believe it didn't move an inch, just stayed outside on the right. I was confident heading into 17. I hit a half decent shot in there and had a straight uphill putt and thought it was going to break a little right to left but just didn't move. He gave me a lot of opportunities and I just couldn't really take advantage of any of them.

Q. Level of satisfaction, two years in a row; that's not a consolation prize, but few people do that.

RYAN YIP: Yeah, if you look at the overall picture, my last two years at this tournament's been pretty special. There's not many players that can say they were in the quarterfinals and semifinals two years in a row. If I had to take anything away from this week, that would be it.

CRAIG SMITH: Thanks for pulling yourself together and coming in.

End of FastScripts.

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