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February 25, 2006

Zach Johnson


ZACH JOHNSON: I made my share of the first four matches, so, you know, I'm going to recover and try to play good tomorrow.

Q. What do you get out of a tournament, even though it's match play, instead of regular stroke play when you go and beat two guys that were in the top 10?

ZACH JOHNSON: It's a huge confidence boost for me. I take just as much from beating out the other two guys, Shingo and Sean O'Hair; everybody is good. On a given day, anybody can win. I feel fortunate to be where I'm at, and I just think if I can keep this momentum going, a lot of good things can come.

Q. What about tomorrow and playing with Tom Lehman; is that any pressure for you?

ZACH JOHNSON: No, not necessarily. He's good; there's no question about that. He's been playing really well, especially the last six, seven months. He's a good friend of mine, too. I feel like I know him pretty well.

Yeah, I'm going to try to play my best, regardless of who I play. And seeing that he's the Ryder Cup captain, maybe it will help, I don't know. But it doesn't matter. I'm going to go out there and play my best.

Q. (Inaudible).

ZACH JOHNSON: That was one of the shots for sure. Just a mental lapse. I think I was lined up correctly, just didn't put a good swing on it, and it cost me a shot.

Q. What iron were you hitting?


Q. What was the other shot you were talking about?

ZACH JOHNSON: I think 10 was not a very good shot. My second shot was right in the middle of the fairway. I should have I was not happy with the number, not happy with the swing, and I still went along with it. I had an opportunity there because he hit one and spun back. So I could have gotten to 10 or 12 feet and had a birdie shot there.

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