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February 25, 2006

Tom Lehman


Q. You just found out seconds ago you're going to be playing Geoff Ogilvy this afternoon, but that doesn't matter. Talk a little bit about your match with Chad Campbell.

TOM LEHMAN: Well, they should send us both home. I think the best way to put it, we played poorly, both of us. I think maybe we shot even par and just made so many mistakes.

The things I talked about yesterday about not giving holes away and making them beat you are out the window. A lot of bad shots, a lot of mistakes. But luckily I got the win.

When I had to hit some good shots, I did; when I had to make some big putts, I did. It was a nice way to finish on 18, both making the long putts for birdie. And it was nice to hit a couple of good iron shots to close out the match.

Q. Let's talk about that 18th hole in regulation. Chad Campbell was about four feet outside of you. When you were standing there, were you thinking he was going to make that putt?

TOM LEHMAN: I think you need to expect that they're always going to make the putts. I expected him to make this putt on the playoff hole. I think they put a lot of water on the greens last night, because they're so much softer, and the ball just was not releasing like it has been. I came up short all day.

But a win is a win. There's no pictures on the scoreboard over there, so I get to move on.

Q. Last thing, you made the turn, you were 2 down. Probably you'll have situations when your team is going to be down. What did you say to yourself when you went to 10, 2 down?

TOM LEHMAN: Well, I just tried to play my game. It goes back to the basics. If you're going to get beat, make them beat you. Don't do stuff like I did on the 9th, where I skulled an 8 iron in the bunker and made a bogey and gave him a hole. Go ahead and play some decent golf and make the guy have to beat you.

I made a couple of pars, he made a double on 11. He made a bogey on 10, so the match is even again. He drove it in the water, I think, somewhere along the way there. So it was it wasn't a pretty match.

End of FastScripts.

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