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March 11, 2000

Amelie Mauresmo

INDIAN WELLS, CALIFORNIA, K. CLIJSTERS/A. Mauresmo (retired) 0-3 (retired)

WTA: Questions.

Q. I saw you on the tennis court the other day. I saw that you were having problems with your back. You lie down on the court.

AMELIE MAURESMO: No, I was stretching.

Q. I'm sorry. How did you injure yourself? What happened?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, about ten days, two weeks ago, I had a problem with my back on the serve. I had to stop for a couple days. I came here, I tried to serve again like three days ago. It was good. I was feeling okay. I think today maybe with a little bit of tension of the match or something, I served, and on the first game, like stabbing or something in my back, in the lower back. I called the trainer. I tried to serve after. I couldn't, so I had to stop.

Q. Is it the middle of your lower back or kind of on the sides, the pain?

AMELIE MAURESMO: It's on the right side, right lower back.

Q. Down to your leg as well?

AMELIE MAURESMO: No. Just the back.

Q. How are you going to deal with it now?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Treatment. Doctor gave me some antiinflammatories. I had something that I have moved, so he replaced it. I hope it's going to be better.

Q. Never before happened similar injury to you?


Q. Did ever happen something like that before?


Q. Does he know how long you'll be out or is it something you'll have to take day-by-day?

AMELIE MAURESMO: I think I have to see him again on Monday. He will see how the evolution is.

End of FastScripts….

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