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February 23, 2006

Chad Campbell


Q. Congratulations on making it to round 3. How do you feel you're playing?

CHAD CAMPBELL: I feel like I'm playing pretty good. It was a tough match out there today.

We both played some good golf and I was able to win it here on 18.

Q. Tomorrow your prospects? I think you're playing what's his face?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Tiger, yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Best player in the world, should be fun. Hopefully go out there and make some birdies and see what happens.

Q. You guys are both playing great to start the year. Are you going to be watching what he does or kind of helping that shape your strategy?

CHAD CAMPBELL: You kind of play off that. At times when you hit it in the rough, and where that guy hits it from there, that definitely affects the way you play, but you're still playing the golf course.

Q. He did lose a couple holes today, so that's a positive sign.


Obviously yesterday he didn't doze any, so I'm looking forward to it, like I said, and it should be fun.

Q. Are you a guy that's easily rattled going up against the world's best?

CHAD CAMPBELL: No, I'm looking forward to it. I think it'll be a lot of fun, and I can't wait.

Q. Seems like 18 laying up isn't the way to go, but it looks like it worked okay?

CHAD CAMPBELL: That was my only option. I was in foot high rough. It was the only thing I could do.

Q. If you had a better situation would you have gone for it?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Possibly. I tried to go at it in the practice rounds, and I couldn't quite get it to the front. I think today I could have been able to get there, though, had I hit a good drive.

Q. This stayed close the whole way, this match?

CHAD CAMPBELL: It did. It was a tight match, kind of back and forth. We both played some good golf.

Q. Never any spots where it might have gone one way or the other?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Not really. I three putted on 13, I believe, and kind of gave him a hole there, but other than that, we both played pretty solid.

End of FastScripts.

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