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February 22, 2006

Adam Scott


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Adam Scott, thanks for joining us here, 2 & 1 over Lucas Glover in the first round. Maybe some opening comments on probably a pretty tough match.

ADAM SCOTT: I think it was tough mentally for us because we both played poorly, and really a case of who could make the least mistakes, unfortunately, at the end of the day.

You know, I gave him some holes early and then he gave them back to me at the end of the nine and I got a couple quick ones on the back nine, and I thought I had him in pretty good position, two down with five to go and then I lost 14 and 15.

It was a frustrating match because I couldn't hit the shots I wanted, but I did putt well, and probably at the end of the day that's where I won the match.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Is that kind of the way match play is, sometimes you play well and lose or play poorly and win?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I feel fortunate that I'm moving on to Thursday, and I certainly need to lift my game, but I'm happy to be here and get another shot at it tomorrow.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: You finished relatively early where you've got a pretty good break leading into tomorrow because it is a long week if you win a handful of matches.

ADAM SCOTT: Sure, I'm going to hit a few balls and straighten out what I didn't have going today, and then rest up and take it easy and go at it tomorrow.

Q. After your great round on Sunday, were you surprised you didn't have it today, or is that just golf?

ADAM SCOTT: That's just golf. It was a little early. My wake-up call didn't come this morning; I overslept and didn't feel very good on the range this morning. It was cold, a bit tight, and I didn't play very well. It's just one of those things.

But certainly it's not disastrous. The thing I like is I made a lot of putts, and I made a lot of good putts to stay in the match today. That's a positive thing I can take out of it.

Q. When did you wake up, and was it a big rush?

ADAM SCOTT: I was meant to have a wakeup call at 5:15 and I got a phone call from Vern, my trainer, at 5:15, "Where are you?" I was like, "Oh, shit." So that wasn't great. I quickly threw down some breakfast, managed to put a blue shirt on with my black pants (laughter).

Q. It was dark, was it?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's just one of those things. It was early and it was cold, and I didn't have a very good warmup, and it carried on through the round.

Q. With conditions that early in the morning, it was in the high 40s around 7:30. Did that make it tougher? I see you're the only guy to reach No. 8 in two? What were the conditions like that early?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was pretty cold when we teed off, especially when we got to the range about quarter to 7:00. The ball wasn't traveling very far, the rough was wet, so it was hard to hit out of the rough, and I was hitting in there a bit.

By the time the sun had come out and it started warming up, the ball started flying its normal distance. The greens are as good as I've ever seen them here at La Costa. They're rolling beautiful. It's nice to play out here when it's dry, just not at 7:25.

Q. Was it tough mentally? You had the rushed morning and then you dropped the first couple holes. Did you have to kind of gather yourself a little bit at that point?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I actually let myself get a little frustrated on the course today, which is the first time I've done that for a while, probably since the middle of last year. It was just a bit of a frustrating day out there. I know I'm playing well, and I wasn't executing my shots. I was giving Lucas easy holes. I mean, he did to me, as well, but I gave him easy ones, and that's not what I want to do in match play. You went to make the other guy work all the time.

Q. Given your success last week, was this something you were really looking forward to this week?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I really tried to get my game in good shape for all the big events, and obviously the WGCs are almost as big as they get. To take one of these down this year would be a good step for me, and I'm certainly looking to go all the way this week.

Q. After you got it back to even at 15, can you run through the last three holes, how the match was decided, any key shots?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, he hit a good shot into 16 pin high about 12 feet, and I hit it the other side about 20 feet, and I made mine first and then he missed his, so that was probably -- that was a big putt in the match. A lot of pressure on him for the last two holes and not as much on me.

And then both drove it off line on the next and I managed to get mine on the green and he hit it over the green, which is pretty much dead. Where the pin was up in back, he didn't have much green and it swept away, and he didn't get it up-and-down. You know, it was a case of making a mistake, and I got an easy last hole there.

Sometimes you need those matches when you play poorly to sneak through, and sometimes you've got to take advantage of it.

Q. Have you ever played this course in conditions like this, where it's actually not a quagmire, and how was it different?

ADAM SCOTT: It was very different. Early on the greens were very firm. The ball was getting a big hop with that little bit of moisture on top, it was skidding a bit. It was tough to -- you had to control your shots into the green, but it's in great shape. The ball is running, which is unusual. It's a pleasure to play it in this condition.

Q. When you win on a day like this and you're not real happy with the way you played, do you walk away with kind of a positive vibe because you feel like you sort of stole one, or do you have to sort of pick yourself up because you're not that happy with the way you played and know you've got to play better as the week goes on?

ADAM SCOTT: It's a bit of both. You've got to be happy that you won the match, and obviously you did something right to get there. Like I said, I think I'm putting well. I just need to go to the range and just hit a few balls and get the feeling back to where it was three days ago, Sunday; it was great. I don't think it's far away.

Q. How much do you look at the bracket ahead of time just to kind of see where you could go, or is it really just --

ADAM SCOTT: I actually haven't even looked at it.

Q. Is there a reason behind that, just kind of one person at a time, that kind of thing?

ADAM SCOTT: Sure, yeah. You don't want to get ahead of yourself because I thought I had the match in the bag with a few holes to go today, and all of a sudden it's square again. You never want to do that.

You can't control who you're going to play, you never know what's going to happen over the next few days, so there's no point worrying about it, really, just deal with it when you step on the first tee tomorrow.

Q. Looks like Lehman tomorrow if he hangs on. Any history with him?

ADAM SCOTT: I don't think I've played him before here. I haven't played much golf with him at all, so I really don't know what to expect.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Adam Scott, thanks.

End of FastScripts.

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