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February 23, 2006

Ai Miyazato


PAUL ROVNAK: Thanks for coming in and speaking with us, great round today, 4 under par to putt yourself in contention, it's always important to get off to a good start with the three day tournament. Can you just talk about your day, and then we'll take questions.

AI MIYAZATO: I started out with a bogey today but towards the end I was able to make some key putts, and towards the end my shots and my putts got in sync.

Q. It looks like your putting is finally in sync?

AI MIYAZATO: Well, I felt like it's been in sync this last week, but it's good that they finally started to go in.

Q. What did you feel after the long par putt on the 7th?

AI MIYAZATO: Overall, I felt like the greens were a little bit different from yesterday's Pro Am. But after that par putt, I did start feeling pretty well.

Q. You said yesterday that your feel with the putter, with the putting is good.

AI MIYAZATO: Well, my feel has been good this last week. Because all of the putts went in today, it doesn't mean that I just want to try to maintain that feel for tomorrow.

Q. Did you feel a little uneasy?

AI MIYAZATO: Not really, not necessarily.

Q. Can you maintain your level of play?

AI MIYAZATO: Last week didn't mean that much to the start of the season. Good play or bad play does seem to happen, so I don't mind it so much.

Q. Did you have a target score before the round?

AI MIYAZATO: At the beginning I thought that the scores would be pretty high. For myself it was 2 under, and I was able to accomplish that so I'm very pleased.

Q. This isn't golf related, but the figure skater from Japan won a gold medal and you went to the same school together, what do you feel about that?

AI MIYAZATO: I've been checking on line, and Japan has not been doing well in the medals race but very happy we were able to get one and very happy for her, as well.

Q. It looked like you were hitting your putts pretty strong, did you make any adjustments?

AI MIYAZATO: After the seventh hole, I started making some adjustments. Especially after I lipped out on the third, I did also start making some adjustments there.

Q. What were your thoughts on the first tee?

AI MIYAZATO: Last week I had a lot of things that I needed to adjust in terms of my swing, but this week I didn't want to try to think about those things too much and just concentrate on my own game, and I was able to do that, think about my game.

Q. Will you make any adjustments with the scores on the leaderboard?

AI MIYAZATO: I think it depends on the wind.

Q. Do you have any feel or energy from the past tournament?

AI MIYAZATO: No, not really, because the conditions on the green are different. Those energies aren't the same, so I don't get any like that.

Q. Will you take the images of the ball going into the cup with that lead into tomorrow?

AI MIYAZATO: Except for the putt on the 7th, I think I made birdies because of my approach to the green, so I'll just try to maintain that.

Q. Do you feel any different playing against the top players or fellow rookies?

AI MIYAZATO: Not really. Just depends on you play with the top players, like myself, it just depends, or it depends on the tournament. So basically not any different.

Q. You mentioned yesterday if you play well, do you think you can finish in the top 5, would you still try to go for that or just go for the top 20?

AI MIYAZATO: I just want to concentrate on my golf a little bit and my golf. The ranking will follow how I play. So I just want to try to concentrate on my own golf.

PAUL ROVNAK: Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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