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February 10, 2006

Kevin Stadler


Q. Tell us about the day?

KEVIN STADLER: It was hot. It was all right. Hit it pretty well but didn't make as many putts as yesterday. It was good to finish with a birdie, definitely. Making a bogey there on the fifth (14th hole of the day) wasn't nice.

Q. Were you looking at the leaderboard, making sure that KJ wasn't going too far ahead?

KEVIN STADLER: He didn't have any where to go as he was done when I got here. I always look at the boards but not get worried about it. Just look and see how people are doing. I don't let it affect how I play a certain hole.

Q. You must be feeling positive that you held firm?

KEVIN STADLER: Definitely. It was pretty tough. The greens are getting fast and pretty hard. I putted all right, made a lot of pars. The first two par fives on the back nine there, birdied the first par five (10) and eagle (18). Birdied the last (nine) and one bogey in the middle.

Q. Some of the guys were saying the greens were getting harder to read?

KEVIN STADLER: They are getting quicker every day. I misread a couple. Didn't think they were too difficult. A couple of them seem like they were sitting a bit differently by the hole and you can't tell which way they would fall.

Q. You mentioned about the heat. A lot sweat?

KEVIN STADLER: Plenty. This is actually almost the same climate as back home during the summer. I'm pretty used to 65 degrees at home.

End of FastScripts.

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