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February 2, 2006

Darren Clarke

Tiger Woods


Q. Darren and Tiger, it seemed like a happy day, satisfactory day?

DARREN CLARKE: Yeah, the numbers seem to be the wrong way around but kept on and keep on and managed to turn a it into a decent round.

Q. 17, you seemed to have a good time.

TIGER WOODS: They moved the hole a little bit. I think that's why I missed my putt to the right inaudible.

Q. Along with Henrik, it was good scoring overall but was there an element of hard work involved because a bit of breeze came up in the afternoon?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I got off to a good start, 4 under early and thought I would be able to keep it going but lost my momentum on 10, a simple birdie hole.

Came back with a 2 on the next hole, but still, I really thought if I could get a 4 there, I could put the hammer down on the back nine and make more birdies but I couldn't do that.

Q. You must have felt under a of pressure when you see the two longest players in the world at the moment?

DARREN CLARKE: Any time you get a chance to play with Tiger and Henrik with the way he's playing is all good fun.

Q. What do we think of young Henrik?

DARREN CLARKE: Like Tiger, he hits it a long way and has a huge amount of confidence, and is going to go on to bigger things I think.

Q. When you look at most young stars in Europe, we feel pretty good now with the strength and depth, but when you look at him on The European Tour, what do you think?

TIGER WOODS: Well, he's got just an inordinate amount of talent and you can see it. I played with him at the AMEX last year and he played beautifully. It's just a matter of time before he puts some things together and he's trying to do that now. It's just the maturation process and he's still young, he's 29, and he's got his entire future ahead of him.

Q. Looking forward to calmer conditions in the morning?

DARREN CLARKE: Better ask him that.

TIGER WOODS: I'm looking forward to it. Greens will be a little bit smoother. They were pretty good today. They will be good tomorrow and hopefully I can take it low again.

End of FastScripts.

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