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August 27, 2006

Jim Furyk


Q. Great start today. In the end you shot a 2 under par 68, unfortunately came up one shot short. What do you take away from this week?

JIM FURYK: Obviously it stings a little bit right off the bat, the initial reaction, a little disappointed because you can always save a shot here or there.

But yeah, it was a good, solid week. I struck the ball very, very well early in the week and kind of struggled with my putter. Today I kind of fought myself around a little bit. I made some swings I didn't really like, and again, I hit some great putts and knocked in a lot of putts, but I missed a bunch of short ones this week, and that's something I'll have to work on.

Q. We talked about how much you and Fluff worked on your putting this week, a lot of hours out there. What do you feel you've gained in making some of the putts that you did?

JIM FURYK: I'm not sure I understand.

Q. Well, what kind of mechanics were you working on that you felt like allowed you to hole more putts than what you had done in previous weeks?

JIM FURYK: You know, I've been putting I think the difference the reason my year has been so good is I've been consistent this year with the putter. I wasn't happy at all at the PGA with the way I putted. I had a good ball striking week and putted just terribly.

Here I putted okay but from short distance, from four feet and in, I was shaky. I missed probably three putts from three feet and in this week. I think a little bit is in my rhythm and my timing and a little bit in poor setup and my posture. I'll keep working on it and keep trying to hit some solid putts.

Q. Tonight you guys are all getting on a plane to go over to Ireland for a couple looks at The K Club. Are you looking for camaraderie, seeing the golf course? What are you hoping to get out of that trip?

JIM FURYK: A little bit of everything, but I think we're just going over to have some fun. I've seen the course before, played a couple of rounds around it, so maybe I'll show some guys around and see it again maybe in some different conditions, and just go over and really have good time, have some fun, have a couple of beers, goof around a little bit with the guys and maybe do a little fishing.

End of FastScripts.

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