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August 25, 2006

Ben Curtis


BEN CURTIS: You've got to hit the fairway. I missed the fairway, had a good lie and it just flew out. It was hard to control the spin and hit it where I wanted, and it was a tough up and down.

I hit it good most of the part of the day, had a lot of chances, just didn't make anything. Golf is a funny game.

Q. Is your putting still

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I missed like a two or three footer on 13 and then just I played all right, made a birdie and just one bogey and made a couple nice par saves, but I had a few chances, and even though I hit a lot of greens and had a lot of putts, I just didn't make anything.

Q. Are you at least having fun this week?

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, it's fun. It's frustrating because you want to play well. You know where your game is and you know you're swinging good. If I can make a few putts I'd maybe start hitting it even better. Just right now I'm just kind of trying to hit it to my soft spots on the green and try to get a chance at it. Maybe tomorrow I'll just start hitting it at every pin and not really worry about it.

Q. What have you got to lose, right?

BEN CURTIS: Well, I said that on the 2nd hole today and struggled to make par there.

Q. Browns' fans giving you a lot of

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I heard a few things today.

Q. They're still optimistic.

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, the season hasn't started yet, but I think they should be all right.

Q. What did you and Candace end up doing for your anniversary, anything?

BEN CURTIS: We had people over. That was it.

End of FastScripts.

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