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August 25, 2006

Adam Scott


Q. Can you just assess your round, how it went?

ADAM SCOTT: I played pretty decent today. You know, I hit a couple bad shots on the front nine and it cost me a bogey and a double.

Apart from that, I played really well, and I just missed a couple greens coming in and hit bad chips out of the fringe or the first cut. That was a disappointing way to finish. Otherwise if I had managed to get it in at 1 under I would have been happy with that round.

Q. At 16 did you get sort of a bad break, sort of an indentation in that first cut of rough?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, the ball was sitting really deep in there, and the ground was really firm underneath. It's a strange one, and I hit down and it came out pretty hard and released 30 feet over the green. So that was a little unfortunate there.

I hit a bad putt out of the fringe and made bogey.

Then on the next, I hit a really bad shot that went long into the back fringe and kind of stubbed me chip a little there.

Q. On that putt to save par, did you hear the guy laughing off in the distance, because it happened right when you putted?


Q. Did you hit a chip or a putt on the 16th?

ADAM SCOTT: A putt. It was fine. I had a bit of a misread there. I had it going right to left and it went left to right.

Q. You're obviously fairly hot right now, but when you come out tomorrow, will you see it as a positive that you're on the leaderboard starting the third round, or is it possible to do that now?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. Just the last three holes were disappointing for me today. 1 under out there would have been a good score, I think, if I could have parred in. But it's typical of how I've been playing lately is dropping a few at the end. You know, I make a lot of birdies and I make a lot of bogeys. It's just not all there for 18 holes, which is a shame.

I've got to come out tomorrow and try and drive it like I have for the last two days and take advantage of being in the fairway.

Q. What did you do as well as yesterday?

ADAM SCOTT: Nothing was as good as yesterday. I hit a lot less fairways and greens. I had strange yardages with my clubs and I had to baby a lot of them, and I hit a few poor ones and some okay ones, and then I didn't chip at all yesterday, but my chipping I thought was average today.

A couple of spots I had no shot really, but 16 and 17, that was bad, not getting them up and down.

Q. Is there disappointment with this round, or do you say at least I'm still in it? How do you view it after two rounds?

ADAM SCOTT: It's good that I'm still in it. I'm a little annoyed I went backwards. That wasn't the plan. But I'm still right in it. I've got to go out tomorrow and just keep pace with Tiger and make sure he doesn't get further ahead.

Q. When you look at the leaderboards and see Tiger going up, do you say here we go again or just ignore it?

ADAM SCOTT: I wasn't too worried about that. I was more worried about how I was getting it around. You can worry about that on a Sunday, but a Saturday doesn't really make much difference.

Q. Did you notice the four birdies that he posted right out of the gate?

ADAM SCOTT: No, I saw he was on the board when I made the turn.

Q. What happened on the double on the front side?

ADAM SCOTT: I pulled a 9 iron into a bunker short side and couldn't get it on the green and then three putted from the far fringe.

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