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August 24, 2006

Adam Scott


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Adam Scott, thanks for joining us here after the first round of the Bridgestone Invitational, currently the leader in the clubhouse, 7 under 63.

Great day for you today and kind of continued the roll that you had last Sunday at the PGA Championship. Maybe some opening comments?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, that was my hope coming into this week was to keep playing like I did last weekend. I really had it going on Sunday last week, and unfortunately bogeyed a couple coming in.

You know, just tried to keep working on the same stuff and got it going a little today, hit a lot of good iron shots and really took the pressure off my putting by hitting them so close. You know, it was a very cruisy kind of round and the birdies just kept flowing, which was kind of nice.

Q. How hard is it to avoid a letdown after a major and keep that roll going?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, you know, Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty lazy days. I didn't really do much. It's weird coming to such a big event straight after a major because there is that letdown. So you've got to kind of just monitor how you're feeling. I only played nine yesterday and didn't hit many balls, just kind of took it easy and got out here this morning and felt a lot better for it rather than grinding too hard early in the week.

Q. Not the best of starts, but you put that behind you straight away, really.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I hit a bad drive my opening hole and got a bad bounce into some heavy rough. You know, unfortunately I started with a bogey. But after the next few holes, I could see I was swinging well, so I just had to be patient and kind of wait for my chances to get a couple back and kept hitting good shots and then really got going on my back side, the front nine.

Q. Your best total in the three previous times is 6 over. Was it just the iron play, or have you learned something?

ADAM SCOTT: No, I really haven't played here once yet. I've really battled around this golf course for some reason. I don't know why because I really enjoy playing this course, but I drove the ball very well, as well, today. I think I only missed that first fairway, and if you're playing from the fairway here, it's a lot easier because the rough is quite thick. I think that's probably been my problem in the past is not hitting enough fairways here.

Q. What's caused the turnaround in your game the last week and now a good start here? Anything in particular?

ADAM SCOTT: I actually just moved a little closer to the ball on Saturday last week. I was playing okay, but it wasn't quite right. Butch and Tony picked something up Saturday morning warming up for the round, and we went with that and I played really well on Saturday and then played even better Sunday and obviously played well today. My ball striking, I had a lot more distance control by just getting in closer and into better posture.

Q. When you say closer, how much are we talking, a couple inches?

ADAM SCOTT: Probably a couple of inches, but it just gets my chest up a little higher and better posture, swinging around my body a bit better.

Q. I would assume you were kind of upset with yourself from Sunday, too, though. You were about the only guy making a charge and then just couldn't get over the hump. Did you just totally put that out of your mind?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, you can't be too disappointed to bogey two of the three last. I mean, I lost by five or something, five or six, and if I lost by a shot, I would have been really disappointed. But it was pretty much over. I could have birdied the last three and I still wouldn't have won. It wasn't a big deal. It was disappointing not to get in and shoot 7 or 8 under in the last round, but I was pretty happy just to play well in those circumstances and at least have a run at it.

Q. Off the top of your head, where would you rate today's round in the list of good performances this year?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's got to be right up there. I've played a lot of good golf this year, but nothing has been really low. You know, not many 63s or 64s, 65s even, but I still think the best round of golf I played was Sunday in LA this year, but I'd put this right next to that.

Q. You had it looked like a lot of pretty short shots into the par 4s, correct?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I drove the ball really well today, pretty long and straight, and had a lot of wedges.

Q. Is even a venerable old course like this becoming obsolete?

ADAM SCOTT: No, I don't think so. It's a golf course that puts driver in your hand, and it's in such good condition that the balls kind of run on the fairways, and actually a lot of the fairways do have downslopes in the driving areas, so you get that bit extra. It's always kind of played like that. I don't think this course is obsolete, no.

Q. What was the longest putt you made?

ADAM SCOTT: I made a good putt actually on the 8th green that was about 20 feet. I hit a bad shot in there from about 85 yards to 20 feet and then made the putt.

Q. So that might have kind of got you going?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, that was my 17th hole.

Q. Is there any extra incentive to win one of these things to show Geoff a thing or two?

ADAM SCOTT: My chance of showing Geoff a thing or two this year is gone last week. That was my last chance. No, I mean, I definitely want to get a win up, not only for giving Geoff a bit, as well, but I feel like I've played well enough the whole year to get a win. I just haven't played four days in a row well enough yet. But I'm off to a good start so I've got to keep focused and keep the intensity up for the week. It would be nice to get a World Golf Championship win.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: If we could touch on your round. You started off with a bogey the 1st hole.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, blocked a drive in the right rough and had to chip out, hit a wedge on and two putted.

16, I hit driver, 6 iron, lob wedge to maybe five feet.

18, driver, 9 iron to seven feet.

1st hole, driver, sand wedge to one foot.

2, I hit driver, 3 iron and two putted.

3, par 4, I hit driver, lob wedge to one foot, I guess.

4, driver, 6 iron and three putts.

Came back with a birdie on the next two, hit a 7 iron to about four feet.

6, driver, 8 iron to about three feet or two feet or something.

8, driver and a lob wedge to 20 feet maybe.

And driver, sand wedge to a foot on 9.

Q. Not that you would be intimidated going into a tournament, but Tiger has won four times. Does that I'm sure you'd love to be playing with him on Sunday. I mean, do you think about that at all when he's dominated a place like this?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, I expect him to do well, no doubt. He's playing great with a lot of confidence and he loves it here obviously. So yeah, I mean, I'll try and keep pace with him, so hopefully maybe he'll give me a couple start today and I won't have to work too hard the rest of the week to keep up with him. But it would be great to play with him on Sunday.

That's what we're all out here for, to see how good we are and try and give the guy a challenge every once in a while.

Q. Was there any hole other than the par 3s where you didn't hit driver?

ADAM SCOTT: 17 I hit a 2 iron off the tee.

Q. Coming here you've never played well and you can't quite put your finger on it. When you come to a course where you haven't played well in the past, do you think about that or do you always look forward to a new page?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, a bit of both. I haven't really been in that good of form coming here in the past I don't think. Certainly after looking at today's round and thinking back to how I've played here in the past, my driving has not been probably good enough to get around here. The rough is getting so long here that you really need to keep it in the fairway no matter what. Today I did that, and when I didn't I made a bogey.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Adam Scott, thanks.

End of FastScripts.

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