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May 18, 2001

Amelie Mauresmo

ROME, A. MAURESMO/P. Suarez 6-4, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Why the slow start? You give more excitement to the game?

AMELIE MAURESEMO: Not really, no. (Laughing.) No, you know, I had some trouble get into the match, get into the rhythm. Physically I wasn't feeling a lot of energy so I had to, you know, push myself to get back into the first set. And same in the second set, and that's what I did. I think it was very special match with up and downs for me, but I make the effort at 4-love and 5-2 to come back and to win it. So it's great mentally.

Q. Are you starting to feel a bit fatigued now with having won lots of matches in a row? Is it starting to catch up with you?

AMELIE MAURESEMO: That might be the reason why, you know, I had these slow starts on the two sets. Just also the condition, it's very humid and very heavy, very hot, so I need to adapt to that a little bit I think.

Q. When you win a match like this, it's mostly relief you go through? You feel that you are so good, you can win wherever?

AMELIE MAURESEMO: It's a relief. I think, you know, when you get out of this kind of match with these bad starts, it's just a little bit funny to come back and win the same way two sets. So it's a relief and it's -- we always say it's good to win even though you don't play well. So that's the case today.

Q. Do you think you are playing the best tennis of your career now?

AMELIE MAURESEMO: Yes, I think so. I mean these last --.

Q. You only lost two matches.

AMELIE MAURESEMO: Yeah, these last couple months, yeah.

Q. What is the reason why?

AMELIE MAURESEMO: So many reasons. (Laughing.)

Q. What's the most important?

AMELIE MAURESEMO: I think it's the work, a whole different part of my life and my game, and physically, tennistically, whatever, you can see I feel more comfortable on the court and it's all coming together to give the best I think.

Q. At the Olympics you didn't play very well. You said you had some back problems at that time. How did you go back overcoming those problems?

AMELIE MAURESEMO: Well, I had to make of course this rehabilitation that took me a little while, like a month and a half, you know, to make sure my back was okay. And then, you know, I took confidence in my back because when I started to play again I wasn't really sure if it was okay or not or if I was going to get injured again. So I just had to take confidence in my back to make sure I will be 100 percent physically. So that's the main reason, you know, I could work again more than I used to.

Q. When did that 100 percent feeling come back? I mean obviously --?

AMELIE MAURESEMO: It came at the end of the last season, you know. I had a problem in Australia, but it wasn't really important. I think at that time, December, January.

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