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September 1, 2006

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Nice round on the final front nine?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I started to putt better and hit the fairways, and three behind going into the weekend, yeah, good position to be honest.

Playing with Paul Casey is a real danger, he's so long off the tee, it's not fair, you know. He's only 29.

But I enjoyed the tee ball today with Ian and with Paul and have a good opportunity on the weekend. Yeah, I look forward to it.

Q. Inaudible?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The course has changed and I think it needed to. It was a birdie fest before and I don't think that's quite right, the last tournament of such an important event being a Ryder Cup at the end of such a long grind to qualify for such an important team, and I don't think it was right to finish 20 , 30 under, and this is much better. This is more like it should have been a few years ago.

Q. You mentioned Ryder Cup, obviously if you finish better than 47th, and I think you will, you'll knock Ollie to the other list; surprised he's not here?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I am surprised I must admit. If I was in that position, a vulnerable position, if you like, I'd have been here. But he's his own man and he's taking a week off somewhere, so I can't speak for him. I am surprised a wee bit. It surprised us all that he's not here, someone who lives for the Ryder Cup, if you like, and it would be such a shame if he was knocked off. Please don't blame me for this, it's not my view.

I qualified a few months ago, but Paul McGinley is happy because it's given him a buffer, and if I finish above 47th, it gives Paul McGinley a buffer. So with having missed the cut himself, he seems to be quite safe now. And his caddie was looking after me today, saying, okay, Monty I said, don't worry about me, I'm fine. It's going to be a buffer which will be great, to have as many Irishmen playing in that event as possible would be great.

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