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September 1, 2006

Thomas Bjorn


Q. Thomas, 71 yesterday, you needed a good one today, happy with that?

THOMAS BJÖRN: I was happy enough. This course, you're used to shooting all these really low numbers. It's tricked up a bit this year and there's some really good stuff in there and there's some stuff that's not the greatest. I'm turning a corner with my game and that's the important thing. It's been a few slow weeks in America where I didn't play my best, but last week I played with all heart. The golf is just coming into a bit of shape now which is hopefully that's not too late.

Q. Do you think you can score out there over the weekend?

THOMAS BJÖRN: I can. I can see some possibilities in my golf at the moment, which is what we are always looking for this week. All the time you're looking for a golf game where you can see possibility and that's where I'm going at the moment.

Q. Looking to the Ryder Cup, do you have it out of why are mind at this point?

THOMAS BJÖRN: A lot of people are talking about Lee and me, and you know, we have been great friends for ten years, and when it comes to a week like this, it's very difficult to put your friendship aside and go out and battle it out.

But, you know, Woosie is going to make a decision come Sunday night, and one of us is going to be very disappointed. But that's our own fault more than anything. You know, we could have played better over the last year and not be in this situation. But it's difficult when you're good friends because we've had some great performances together as well.

Q. Getting into a position where you can get a win, only five off the lead, it's still there, isn't it?

THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, it is, but I need a couple really good days. The game is turning a corner and hopefully I can take it out on the golf course over the next few days but you never know. All in all, you've got to play your golf and just see what happens.

End of FastScripts.

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