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September 3, 2006

Justin Rose


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Justin Rose, thanks for joining us. 8 under par heading into the final round, three shots behind Vijay Singh. Well you fought back well on the back side with three birdies, maybe some comments about your finish.

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I was very happy about that. Certainly I made par putts on 10 from about seven feet and about a 12 footer for par on 11. And about a 15 footer for par on 12. And I guess that really held my round together today.

I made some nice birdie putts, on 1 and 15, and then 2 putted the last. But my putter caught a light on the back nine, which was good.

Q. Can you talk about the differences in the conditions today as opposed to yesterday and what was more difficult?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, certainly obviously Vijay shooting 10 under was an incredible round. I think everybody, it made everybody like wake up for sure. It made me wake up on the back nine anyway.

I felt like there was a good score out there because the conditions were soft and there was less wind than yesterday. The rain never really got heavy enough where it was a big problem. It was just more of an annoyance, the jacket on and off and stuff like that. But, no, I felt today was easier than yesterday. I found the greens got really quick yesterday and you had to be quite careful, whereas today you could maybe run the ball to the hole a little bit more.

Q. Do you see Vijay as catchable tomorrow?

JUSTIN ROSE: Well, the way I look at it is he's got a three shot lead. So if he has a bad day, then maybe you're looking at 8 under being the leader.

But Vijay is a really experienced player, I don't really see him having a bad day as such. But if he does, you got to be right there to take advantage of it. I guess my mindset tomorrow is to go out there and shoot as low as I can, because guys like Vijay and Tiger, you don't expect them to back up. So I'm going to go out and try to make it happen. But, no, a good thing for me tomorrow is just to try to knock the flag down and rightly so and I'm just going to go about my business and see if I can make some of that happen like Vijay did.

Q. Can you talk about what happened on the second and how that affects your momentum.

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it puzzled me a little bit. Obviously I had 231 to the front, 240 over that left side and normally I carry my 3 wood about 250, 255. And I actually thought if I hit a solid 3 wood I was taking the front out of play. Because that was the shot. I hit a decent shot and I was very surprised to see it go in the hazard. Yeah, at that stage of your round maybe it was a little bit of a bold play, second hole of the day, but I figured it was the right play. So I misjudged how heavy the atmosphere was, really. Because the drive got out there a little further than I thought, that's why I went for the green.

Q. I guess the way it's set up you'll be playing in the next to last group tomorrow. Would you prefer to have been going against Vijay head to head or are you happy being one group ahead?

JUSTIN ROSE: I was trying to make that putt on the last to get in the last group, you know. It was on my mind, you know, hey, the last group with somewhere where I want to be. I played with Vijay a couple times so I would have been relatively comfortable in that situation.

Yeah, it would have gotten me one nearer the lead, I certainly wasn't shying away from the situation.

Q. You mentioned that the Vijay and Tiger show, is that okay with you, everyone will be paying attention to them and you'll be sitting there, you no, out in front of them.

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, as I said, they have proven themselves winners and I think it's great for the tournament that that's the situation, but it's nice for me to be what I feel is a part of it. Because I feel like I'm playing well, putting well. And I know I have a low round in me. Whether I can bring it out tomorrow is a question, but I know it's there and that's what I'm going to be focusing on, but, yeah, as I say, I don't think anybody's expecting, there's no pressure on me tomorrow, in terms of winning the golf tournament.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Justin Rose. Thanks.

End of FastScripts.

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