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September 1, 2006

Aaron Baddeley


JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Thank you, Aaron, for joining us for a few minutes here in the media center. It was kind of fun with you and Tiger kind of battling back and forth. Just talk about the day, talk about playing with him and how exciting it was out there.

AARON BADDELEY: It was something I was looking forward to. If there's one person I would want to play with it would be Tiger. He is a great guy to play with. He's a true gentleman. He's always saying, good shot, nice birdie. If there's one person I would want to play with the rest of my competitive time, it would be him. So I was looking forward to it. I really wanted to play well. This morning I was praying about it, that I would be calm out there, and I was very calm out there.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Questions, please.

Q. (No microphone.)

AARON BADDELEY: I haven't got any. I was born there. My parents were living there at the time, working for an Indie car team. My dad was a chief mechanic. And then I moved away when I was one.

Q. That was in New Hampshire?

AARON BADDELEY: I actually lived in Vermont. I was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Q. So there are no other relatives?

AARON BADDELEY: No, I have got family in Canada, but none in New Hampshire.

Q. You obviously got off to a very strong start today through the first 9, 10 holes. It seems you slowed a little bit coming around the back. Can you talk about that? What was going on? What happened?

AARON BADDELEY: I got off to a real nice start, a lot of good shots. I hit a really bad shot on 12 into the hazard and had a nice up and down there. Then just hit a tee shot to the right on 13. And 14, I missed the up and down. Then hit a really nice shot into 14, or was it 15 15, about three feet, and had a chance to come down the last three holes. I was very pleased with today's play.

Q. Talk to us about the golf course. You're feelings about it and then how it's matured over the last couple of years.

AARON BADDELEY: I really like the small changes they've made. They haven't made drastic changes. But I was just talking to my caddie, Steve, about on 11 how they flattened out the slope on the 11th green. Things like that, they've made it now it's a very, very good hole. Before it was a little bit severe. They've done a great job with the changes they've made. The golf course was a little softer this year so it's playing really long.

Q. I was curious why, with limited wind, the best score out there is a 5 under. I think people would have thought 7 or 8.

AARON BADDELEY: It's reasonably long. That's the thing. I think we're hitting like into 13, I hit 5 iron in there, which I've hit wedge into there before. Because it's playing long off the tee, you're hitting longer shots into the greens and the pins were reasonably tucked.

Q. With the weather getting a bit wet tomorrow, how does that change things for you? Are we going to see some higher scores tomorrow?

AARON BADDELEY: Probably not in the morning. It's supposed to come in around noon, I was told. I would love to be able to play and get in if it comes. I'm going try to get finished tomorrow.

Q. Talk about 12 for a minute, into the hazard, was that set up by the tee shot? The tee shot didn't look all that strong. And what did you have in there?

AARON BADDELEY: I had 195 yards or something. It's a 6 iron. I really wasn't concentrating all that well. I wasn't really thinking about the shot. I mean, I was more mad at myself not for the shot, but the concentration, or the lack of, really. That's the reason why I hit that bad shot. I was really happy with a 5.

Q. I'm curious how long you've had the putting routine that you do?

AARON BADDELEY: Since 1998. I've had it for a long time.

Q. (No microphone.)

AARON BADDELEY: I take it behind it looking at where I want the putt to go in the hole, and then I walk in and just hit it. I can't do the other routine. It's not possible.

Q. Can you just talk about your year. You've missed a lot of cuts, and what's been the problem and why better today?

AARON BADDELEY: It's been a bit up and down. It's nice to have the win, but then I've missed a lot more cuts than I've wanted to. I've been making a few swing changes. I started working with new coaches in November of last year. So I'm still making a few changes. It's really getting a lot closer. I sort of worked on the final piece this week and I felt pretty good out there today.

Q. What was that?

AARON BADDELEY: Just getting the alignment right with the shoulders at impact. I tend to get open, which tends to cause a right shot.

Q. First time you've played with Tiger in a while?


Q. He's getting some good results right now. Did you see anything in his game that was impressive?

AARON BADDELEY: One thing Tiger is good at is he holes the putts to keep the momentum. Like on 4 or 5, he hit about a 15 footer for par and made it just to keep the momentum going. That's what he's very, very good at.

End of FastScripts.

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