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August 30, 2006

Adam Scott


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Past champion Adam Scott, thank you for joining us here in the media center at the Deutsche Bank Championship. Maybe some opening comments about coming back to the Boston area and the TPC Boston this week.

ADAM SCOTT: Definitely nice to get back here at TPC Boston. I unfortunately missed last year's tournament. It's good to come back, and obviously fond memories. I played a lot of good golf here. You know, this year I haven't got a win up, so I'll really be pushing hard this week to maybe break through again here at Boston.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Played some good golf recently, played good at the PGA Championship, tied for 10th last year at the Bridgestone Invitational at the Firestone Country Club. Maybe talk about your form right now.

ADAM SCOTT: My form is really good. I've played consistently well since Augusta. Had a lot of top five and top tens. You know, kind of been getting close, but unable to get over the line.

You know, I think I just got to keep pushing myself. Hopefully it's this week. But if not, then I think another good week out here will be fantastic.


Q. More on that, do you see this as a chance to break through having won here in the past? Granted, you weren't here last year. But this could be the stepping off point.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, absolutely. I just played the Back 9 today, you know, kind of familiarized myself with the course again. You know, obviously remembering a lot of good shots that I've hit in the past, it's a nice feeling. I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on how the golf course plays.

You know, as long as I keep playing the way I am, I think I have a good chance.

Q. You said Greg Norman is your idol. This question is about off course activities, like Greg was very successful financially. Have you set a model similar to his, success on the course, starting anything off course as far as goals with respect to what he's done in his career?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think he's been a great example off the course, as well. Obviously, you know, it's a different time in my career that I need right now I need to keep playing golf, winning golf tournaments, and hopefully winning majors.

But I've tried to put in place, you know, people around me, the right setups that hopefully in the future I'll be able to take advantage of some opportunities that could come along. But right now I'm trying to just keep focused on playing good golf and kind of working towards my goals.

But if I have the right people around me, those things will take care of themselves later.

Q. A lot of athletes say you can never quite duplicate the atmosphere of playing when it counts versus when you're practicing. How much can you really get out of a practice round to take into the week of a tournament?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, the practice round is really just about getting a feel for how the course is playing, how far the ball is traveling, what are the greens reacting like when you hit shots into them.

Obviously you can't duplicate the pressure or tension that you feel on the golf course in a practice round because there is no pressure. It's irrelevant, the result of your shot. Doesn't matter. You can pick it up and go to the next if you want.

In a tournament, every shot counts. It's really just about feeling comfortable on the golf course, a practice round. Some days that comes a little more easily than others. You know, I've played here a couple of times in the past, played well. I've got a good feel for the course.

Q. What are the conditions like at the moment?

ADAM SCOTT: A little wet underfoot actually. Obviously there's been a fair bit of rain. Fairways aren't running that much. The greens are holding well. It's a little soft at the moment. But hopefully I think there's good weather forecast, and it can firm up by the weekend, over the weekend.

Q. What is the key to playing well here this week?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, driving the golf ball well. It's a good driver's course. If you're driving it really well, you can really take advantage, hit some shorter irons in, hopefully set up a few more opportunities for birdie.

Q. Can you talk me three how you play the three par 5s?

ADAM SCOTT: I got to think. The 2nd hole, I didn't play it today so I'm just going off memory of a couple years ago. I remember it's a driver and a long iron into the second. 7 I believe is the other one, which I think is, you know, two really good shots to reach the 7th. It's got to be a driver and a 3 wood probably. I think the prevailing wind is into there, so some days might not be able to reach. Then 18 today was a driver and a 4 iron.

Q. This time of year a lot of guys, the majors are over, so a lot of people take a deep breath, talk about slowing down. You have a fairly busy schedule coming up. When are you back after this weekend in the U.S.?

ADAM SCOTT: I'll be back at Tampa the week before TOUR Championship.

Q. This time of year isn't a time really for rest for you, it's a fairly busy time for you?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, this run I have at the moment is busy. Kind of got that way. Some tournaments moved dates from last year. I won in Singapore. They moved two weeks earlier this year. Backed up against this one. I go to Singapore next week. Because of my finish at the PGA, I got in the match play, which is the week after. I'm going to go and play that.

A few things changed overnight almost. End up playing five in a row here, which I don't normally do. All good events. I think it's important to defend your events that you win. Going to Singapore and then London and then come back over here about four weeks later for Tampa.

Q. How difficult is it to keep your swing sound and how do you deal with the frustration when it's not cooperating?

ADAM SCOTT: How do I deal? You know, I think patience is a good thing to have there, you know. It should never really be that far off. I think with the work I've done with Butch over the last six or seven years, got my swing to a point now where it really never goes that far.

The first thing I always look at is rhythm. That's kind of where if anything starts going wrong, it's with the rhythm. Just try and slow down, get into a nice tempo again. Sometimes when I do that, it just kind of finds its way back into good position.

It's frustrating now. The courses are set up so difficult for us now that when your swing's off, it's just a long day out there battling out of some thick rough. It becomes a struggle. You don't really want to go too many weeks out here battling with the swing or it can drive you mad.

Q. We talked with Billy Andrade about Tiger Woods, his dominance of late. What has been the view from your vantage point? He gets it done.

ADAM SCOTT: You know, that's what he does, he just gets things done. He's great at it. Far better than anyone else playing the game right now. He gets it done. Something that I wish I could do a bit better because I feel like I played good enough to win some events this year, but I just haven't got it done. When I look at him, how he does it, I really need to sit back and learn from that.

I think I'd be in much better shape from kind of looking a little deeper into what he does out there coming down the stretch. Confidence plays a lot in that. I don't know, he's phenomenal. He's on fire right now.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Adam Scott, thanks.

ADAM SCOTT: Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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