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September 10, 2006

Rory Sabbatini


RORY SABBATINI: You know, I hit a good tee shot and left myself in the position I wanted to be, hit a good second shot. I picked out a good line on the putt, hit a good first putt and it got airborne a couple times and it just killed the pace on it. Second time I hit a good putt, too, and it just bounced and ended up bouncing left. There's not a whole lot you can do. The greens are soft, and that green has had its fair share of play already today.

Q. Was it from clubs?

RORY SABBATINI: No, just wear and tear from people walking. It just unfortunately happens. It's just frustrating because I putted well all week and I was looking forward to maybe trying to make a birdie there and put some pressure on Jim coming in. But I obviously didn't do that. Then to kind of get kicked in the teeth the way I did with the second putt kind of hurt a little bit.

Q. There were a lot of black numbers today in particular. What was the key for you to being able to put up such a good score, especially getting off to a good start?

RORY SABBATINI: Well, I really put the ball in play well. Early on I missed a couple fairways, but I hit some good iron shots and then the rest of the round started to hit the driver nicely, put it in play. You know, you've got to put the ball on the fairway, put the ball on the greens and give yourself some putts. If you're not expecting too much with the putts, they'll go in.

Q. It seems like each day the course was playing a little bit differently based on the conditions. Was it vastly different today than yesterday or the day before?

RORY SABBATINI: Well, today was playing a lot tougher. I think the wind and the cold weather made the course play longer and made a couple par 4s that we've been fortunate to have downwind the majority of the week into the wind, and it's cold out, so suddenly now you're hitting driver, 5 irons, driver, 6 irons, where you've been hitting 3 wood, wedges. So it made the course play a lot differently. I think it obviously helped the course drying out a little bit. It was definitely a lot drier today than yesterday. The course held up well considering all things, and they did a wonderful job of preparing it and maintaining it for us.

Q. Does it put a little bit more guesswork into it when you can't be looking back necessarily at what you did yesterday at this hole, where every day it's something new you're trying to have to do there?

RORY SABBATINI: I think if you go out there with the perspective of looking what you did as a whole yesterday, you're going out there with the wrong frame of mind. You need to be focusing on what you're doing then and there. I think this course made the par 3s play a lot longer today, especially 13, and it made it a good challenge out there. But as I said, all things considered, the course held up pretty well.

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