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September 4, 2006

Amelie Mauresmo

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. To come back in the third set after such a horrible second set, is that what comes with the confidence of being No. 1 now?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I don't know, but it's also being able to forget about that second set, you know. I just, yeah, maybe in these kind of situations before I would have act differently in the third set.
But, really, I just tried to leave it behind me and make sure that I was focusing back on the game and on, first of all, not doing too many mistakes. Because, I mean, I gave her really that second set.
So, you know, first of all, I tried to focus on that and then, you know, take the opportunities, take the chances I would have. It was much better in the third set.

Q. We know how you feel about your new found confidence and stuff and where it came from. Are you ever surprised at how much of a difference it really made in everything from presumably yourself, conception on the court?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: It doesn't make huge difference. It's just few details here and there that can, at the end of the day, make a considerable difference. But it's just, you know, really the way I am. And maybe in these key moments in matches, you know, I don't maybe panic or I'm just trying to keep it really loose and relaxed and really think about what I have to do and about the game and what's going on.
So try to also put things into perspective a little bit.

Q. Can you talk about until tonight the results between you guys were pretty one sided. It's got to feel pretty good to
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Well, still one sided on the record anyway (smiling).

Q. You're down 0 6, came back, beat her in a Slam like this. Got to feel pretty good for you?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Well, it feels pretty good. Obviously when you don't have such a good record against an opponent, you want to try to get better and try to get a little bit better on the stats.
But, you know, I think, as I said yesterday, I knew it was gonna be very different match and very different in terms of, you know, who's in confidence and who's in control right now even though I haven't played a lot coming into the U.S.
But, yeah, made a difference today.

Q. Amélie, it's not always easy to keep the ball out of her strike zone, but you did a good job tonight, did you not?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I think so, yeah. I think I did a pretty good job tonight and really yeah, when she I mean, I really wanted to make her play as many shots as I could and really take the chances I would get, whether it was on my serve or on her serve, you know. I felt that's what I did, forget about the second set once again.
So, yeah, pretty satisfied about that.

Q. The tactic of blocking back her serve in the third set, how important was that for you?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Well, that's what I've been doing. Really been working pretty well against her tonight. You know, it's sometimes not so effective, but tonight it was okay.

Q. She is a terrific returner, as well as she can pass very well. You kept attacking.
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Well, yeah, you know, I felt, especially tonight after that second set, that I needed to really get back into the court, try to be a little bit more aggressive, also doing less unforced errors, but also try to really take control and dictate the points. Because, you know, as you know, when you let her play when she's in the court, she just really goes for everything and it makes it pretty tough to get back into a point.

Q. Can you feel when she mentally pushes at you? First set and then third set, you break, then she tries to hit the returns hard.
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: That's what she does all the time. I was not surprised with that. I was really being able to keep my cool in these moments because, you know, I know how she does, I know how she acts. Tonight, didn't make a big difference.

Q. So when you were talking to Peter about the details, the important details of playing Serena...
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Yeah, that might be one of them, yeah. Being able to keep the composure in these key moments is probably making a huge difference at the end of the day.

Q. She's serving at 2 3 in the final set, 15 30. Very long point.
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Key point, I think.

Q. Great concentration in the point. Is this point really as significant as it looks with 35 strokes, or just another point in the match?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I think it was, yeah, pretty significant. First of all, gives me two opportunities to break her in this key moment of the match, and also I could see that physically, you know, she was touched by this point and really had some trouble getting back into the match and be as consistent as she was until that moment.

Q. Speaking of key points, how about matchpoint? Long point.
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Yeah, also. Same kind of long rally. No one really takes the edge and she, you know, I think probably she has enough so she makes a dropshot. Yeah, good feeling at the net. Good presence.
So, yeah, it was good.

Q. You've won a lot of matchpoints over your career, but that was a pretty nice one.
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: That was a pretty good one, too (smiling). It felt good.

Q. Was that one of your top 10 shots that you've hit on matchpoint to win it?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Yeah, probably. Probably, yes (smiling).

Q. So you've done reasonably well here before, but obviously you haven't reached the finals. You still have a quarterfinal against Safina. Mentally from last year to this year, how do you feel about your chances going forward?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Hey, I said before the tournament, I don't I was not really giving me much chances because I really needed to play some matches, and because I struggled a little bit throughout the summer.
Now I feel that the game is really coming together. I think few things still to work on, especially this big lull in the second set, on the serve also.
So, you know, still few things to adjust, but, you know, you're in the quarter. Anyone can get the title right now. So we'll see how it goes.

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