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March 24, 2003

Amelie Mauresmo

KEY BISCAYNE, FLORIDA, C. RUBIN/A. Mauresmo 6-0, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: First question for Amelie, please.

Q. How disappointing was that today?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, it's very disappointing but, you know, I didn't feel I got into the match today and she played very good tennis, you know. She didn't let me get my rhythm and, you know, that's about it.

Q. Did you feel well? Everything fine, physically?


Q. What changed? You started slow for a couple games. Then in the second set, you picked up your game. Things seemed to be working.

AMELIE MAURESMO: Yeah, I tried different -- something else. Try to make her think a little bit and change a little bit the pace of the game. But, you know, I didn't do it good enough to come back in that second set and eventually win it. So, she did better than me today.

Q. What about her game bothers you? Is there anything in particular about her?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, I think she just played a tough game, very solid on both sides. I was giving her lots of free points. So that's nothing special about it. Just one of those days.

Q. What is your schedule from here?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, I go back home and then the next thing is Fed Cup.

Q. On the women's tour, the games, styles have been very similar over the years. It seems like someone like you, with as much versatility as you have, a few other players coming along, it seems like stylistically the women's game is getting stronger. Do you see that yourself? Can you comment on that?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Yeah, we have different personalties, but, you know, the games on the women's tour is still, you know, a lot of pace and not a lot of variation except for, you know, for some players like Justine who can slice the backhand, and myself. But, no, I feel women's tennis is going well. It's really at its best. Variety, I don't know about it. I'm not sure.

Q. In terms of your game and the kind of variety you do have, how important at this point in your career is the difference between surfaces, going from, say, hard court to clay and stuff?

AMELIE MAURESMO: No, it's good because I know I have different weapons and that I can try to change, like I did little bit today, change game. I can do different things, which didn't work too well today but, you know, in general, I think it's a big advantage, yeah.

Q. So you're not going to play any of the clay courts here in the States this year?


Q. You seemed to start slow in a lot of your matches this week. Why do you think that is? What's going on?

AMELIE MAURESMO: I don't know. I don't have an explanation for that. I started well yesterday. It's true I didn't start very well in the first round, but, no, I don't have any specific explanation. I don't know.

Q. Sinus infection is not an issue this week?

AMELIE MAURESMO: No, not at all. Not at all.

Q. Did you feel any unease in this tournament, with seeing what happened to Escude a little bit yesterday, with the attitude that seems to be toward the French here?

AMELIE MAURESMO: No, I didn't have time to feel anything today.

Q. Is it troublesome, potentially troublesome? No, not to you?

AMELIE MAURESMO: I don't get that.

Q. That the Americans might not like the French or favor the French being here with the war situation?

AMELIE MAURESMO: I don't care about this. If people mixed the war in Iraq and the tennis here in Miami, it's, you know, it's unbelievable. I don't see any comparison between the two.

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