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August 31, 2003

Amelie Mauresmo

NEW YORK, A. MAURESMO/T. Tanasugarn 6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Of course Kim hasn't played yet. We all assume she's going to do what she's supposed to do and win. Yet another classic Clijsters-Mauresmo match. What are your keys to beating her?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, I'm not gonna tell you that (laughing). No, I just think, as you say, we've played each other a few times - a lot of times already. We know each other's game pretty well. So I guess she has some weapons to disturb me, and I have a few to disturb her also. But I'm not gonna get into details or whatever.

Q. How difficult is it to diffuse her hard ground strokes?

AMELIE MAURESMO: "Diffuse" is like control? Well, you just have to move well, be ready, be aggressive yourself, trying to not let her do what she likes to do, which is dictating the game - which is very tough. That's why she got to that No. 1 spot.

Q. In your past matches you have the ability to change pace more than she does.


Q. Has she found that difficult to deal with?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Has she found it difficult?

Q. You have more ability to change the pace of the ball than Kim does. She likes to hit everything very big. Has she had trouble dealing with that in the past matches?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Maybe, I don't know. You have to ask her (smiling). What do you want me to say? That's all I can tell you.

Q. Well, are you satisfied with your performance today?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Yeah, yeah, I think it was a good match. Took me a few games to, I think, get into my rhythm. And after that, yeah, it was good match. I was able to really control the game.

Q. You get the first week to build momentum.


Q. Then you get into the second week. Of course you came here, didn't feel perfect. Now, how do you feel?

AMELIE MAURESMO: I feel much better than, you know, before my first match. First, physically, I think I'm 100 percent now. I'm really capable of staying on the court for a long time, I think. That gives me confidence for the rest, I mean, for my game, for going forward. Yeah, I feel much more confident now than a week ago, but I still -- you know, I still have tomorrow. I mean, in two days it's gonna be a big match. It's gonna be, hopefully, yeah, a good match where I can also find a good rhythm.

Q. Three matches to a Grand Slam title. The Williams sisters are not here. Can you taste it almost?

AMELIE MAURESMO: No, not yet. I think these three matches are the most difficult. Obviously, the best players are staying in the tournament. Even though the Williams sisters are not here, again, it's pretty big draw and pretty good players, so...Let's keep it one match at a time.

End of FastScripts….

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