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July 3, 2006

Nicole Vaidisova


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Can you just talk about what was going wrong out there.
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Uhm, you know, I think I struggled with my rhythm from the start. I felt I didn't move very well today, you know, felt a little tired, a little tight.
But, you know, I have to give credit to her. On some points, on the important points, she, you know, played some great points, hit some great shots. You know, just what everybody saw.

Q. How much of this match was decided by your physical form?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: A little bit, but, you know, I definitely felt I struggled my movement today. Yesterday was I think a big part of it.

Q. Would it be fair to say you were coming to Wimbledon feeling maybe not a hundred percent fresh?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, I felt a hundred percent fresh coming in here.

Q. You withdrew from Eastbourne due to fatigue. You felt probably drained after the French Open?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Yes, but not here. It's not my excuse. I felt a hundred percent ready to play here.

Q. Was there a specific injury today, or can you explain the feeling of tightness and tiredness?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, no. In general, I just felt tired on the court, slow and everything. But it was not because of the injury or anything. It was just, you know, those are days when you just wake up and you feel tired and you have to overcome. And, unfortunately, I really didn't do that that well today.

Q. In a match like that when things sort of -- you get a feeling that things are starting to go wrong, was that almost before the match or during the first set?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, early, you know, it was -- I think the whole time just felt, you know, not great on court, you know. Usually I will relax in the first set, hit better. But just it didn't happen. In general I didn't feel well on the court today.

Q. How would you sum up your experience at Wimbledon this year?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Better than last year. You know, first time also in the second week of Wimbledon, you know. I am definitely a little disappointed right now, but, you know, I think I still have a long career in front of me and still do so much better.
Now I'll just take this experience and use it for my next tournament.

Q. Because of what happened in Paris and because of the attention around you, do you think people sometimes forget that you're still very young and you're still reasonably inexperienced at these kind of tournaments?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Of course people, you know, after French started expecting me to do so well again or better. And just my first, second, third round match, it was just assumed that I will win. It's definitely getting a little harder to do.
But, you know, it's part of tennis, and I'll have to accept that.

Q. You are still 17 and playing professional tour. Do you feel yourself as a teenager or as a mature person? Do you have to watch your schedule and listen to your body? Is it still growing?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Yeah, I think health is definitely my number one priority. I don't play a crazy amount of tournaments. I definitely, you know, focus a lot on my scheduling, the way it's done and everything, because, you know, right now health is my priority because I still want to play, you know, years and years ahead. So to manage that, you have to have a right schedule.

Q. A lot of us are going back and forth from matches, we can't see all the matches as they're played. How much did you come to net the first couple sets? Did you come in much?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, not quite much.

Q. Do you think that's a way for you to do better here in years to come perhaps?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I'm sure I'll never be a, you know, volley kind of player coming in and stuff. That's just not the way I play. Of course I could maybe do a little more, maybe it would help me a little more. I probably should work on that a little bit, but I don't think it's going to change my game, you know, a lot.

Q. Is it special to play against Chinese player?

Q. Special to play against Chinese player?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: In what kind of way?

Q. Well, I don't know. Maybe they have a certain way to play. I don't know.
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: You know, they all play a similar game, you know. They are very, you know, fighting till the end all the time. They play, you know, very hard, try to hit the ball hard now. So there's, you know, couple good Chinese player coming up.

Q. You played several times against Chinese player this season and you won all the matches. This is your first loss, right, against Chinese player?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: How about that.

Q. Were you surprised by how she served, some of those down the stretch?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Yeah, I think in general she played very well today. On some points, key points, breakpoints, stuff like that, she definitely managed to play very well. I definitely know I could have played better. But anything but, you know, it's due to also the way she played today.

Q. Can you just talk specifically about her and what she did very well and how she was difficult to play.
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Oh, definitely she served very well. She moved better than I did, you know. She hits the ball very hard and, you know, most of the point, you know, the balls were falling in or hitting the lines and stuff. So, you know, tough to play that.

Q. Did the heat affect you today?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, I'm used to the heat, you know. I live in Florida, you know. It's really hot. You know, I don't think heat ever affects me that much.

Q. Can I ask you what age you reached your current height?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Uhm, some time last year, end of last year probably.

Q. You stopped growing up?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I think so, yeah. I think I'm done.

Q. Your pro career, before 15, there are many girls who do that, quite a few of them. What did you find as your biggest challenge turning from Juniors?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Just in the Juniors everything is so laid back, you know. Everybody's friends, everybody hangs out together and everything. It's just more fun.
Now it's everybody, you know, focus, is very focused. It's much harder to just, you know, travel so much. You travel much more. You're by yourself a lot, you know, maybe with your coach or any -- but that was definitely a tough part for me.

Q. Did you get any advice from Martina Hingis? Did she invite you to train with her?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No. I know her. She's a very nice girl, you know, from Czech. She's very nice.

Q. Would you be at the same time in Bollettieri together with Maria and Tatiana? Would it be accurate to say you were training together?

Q. You were separate?

Q. Of all the Slams, looking sort of long term, which one do you think fits your game the best?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I like the US Open the best, you know. I'm a hard court -- I think I like hard courts the best.
But also I think I can, you know -- I proved I can do great and good on any surface, you know. Clay has not been my number one my priority, but I've done well there. I definitely would love, you know, the US Open.

Q. Why do you think of all of them, you got to the French semis first? Why did that work out the best for you?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I felt good with my rhythm. Everything was good. I practiced very hard the last couple months before. And, you know, definitely knew I was playing better and better, and, you know, I think I can keep going.

Q. How much Daniel was involved in your development, your uncle? Did he help?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: He's my uncle, but that's about it.

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