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August 10, 2006

Roger Federer


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Roger.

Q. Are you a tired boy tonight?
ROGER FEDERER: During the match?

Q. I mean now.
ROGER FEDERER: No, I feel good. Obviously, you know, backing up day after day is kind of the other thing we're not used after all because we always tend to get a day eventually throughout the tournament. I think it will be more mental fatigue eventually.
But for the moment I feel good. The matches haven't been that tough after all. When I practice, you know, wherever it is, I always play four hours a day. Wasn't four hours, so that's all right.

Q. Is he the kind of guy that's going to happen with? He totally goes for his shots. You've had this situation before, No. 1, nothing to lose.
ROGER FEDERER: He's definitely one of the guys who thinks this way more often because play the No. 1, nothing to lose, I'll hit every ball as hard as possible. But I think he's also learned or the last couple of years now to slow down, knows when to put the ball into play. He returns way better than he used to. That gives him many more opportunities, makes him more dangerous.
I knew it's going to be tough. He's confident. He's played many matches. That's maybe why I missed so many opportunities, because he was so confident. I was happy the way I closed out the third set because it was really getting tough in the second.

Q. There were so many expectations you and Nadal would meet in the final. Obviously things are so wide open right now, did it really surprise you Nadal had lost?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I thought obviously he's going to win at the end. But I was in the car. When I got here, he was down 6-1 and up 3-Love in the second. Then I went for practice, I came back and he was back 4-1 down in the third. I mean, he lost to Berdych already in Cincinnati last year. It was a very close match. I thought because conditions were slower here he would even have a better chance this time around.
It shows probably Berdych has a pretty good game to play against him. Honestly, I wasn't thinking of a rematch between the two of us because the road is just too long to the finals for both of us. It happened that he lost this time around.

Q. When you restart, you're sometimes concerned about your footwork - at least you sound as though you're concerned about it, particularly in defense. That was pretty good, wasn't it, tonight the way you moved?
ROGER FEDERER: I was happy the way I scrambled. I think just here and there I feel like not the balance is right there, the ones I'm hoping for sometimes. It's just a feeling maybe I have. Maybe it's not obvious, it's just a feeling I have. That's going to come the more time I spend at tournaments really playing points against players in practice, in matches and so forth. I think in a few days' time that feeling should be gone, too.

Q. After you lost the second set, were you pleased with the way you responded? You took three very quick games. Was that encouraging?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, that was encouraging, of course. Actually, when I got up from the chair, I was telling myself, Okay, in the next three games, I want to be up a double break. That's what I told myself. I didn't want to go crazy, but that's the goal I told myself (smiling). I actually get a good feeling if I actually get my teeth back into the match, start returning better, take my chances, that could actually happen.
It was exactly the way it went. It was perfect. I was very happy the way I reacted to the lost set. That's really what I've been doing very well especially this whole season, especially at the Australian Open as well.

Q. Taking a fall like that on court could be dangerous. Was it dust on the court, the bottom of your shows?
ROGER FEDERER: I think it was just unlucky really. I'm pretty happy that nothing happened because the fall was quite hard. I was on the run and everything. If I maybe fall on my elbow, my knee more, then obviously I have more problems. I only touched a little bit of my leg, a little bit of my side, a little bit of the hand. I think the fall was actually perfect. Nothing happened. I'm very happy.

Q. You don't know why it happened?
ROGER FEDERER: I was expecting I think more a ball to the backhand. It came to the forehand. Before I knew it, I was down. No, I mean, it's not the first time it happened really. It's obviously every time a shock because we're not that used to a hit like this because we don't have body contact or anything. It kind of shakes you around for a few points.

Q. If your mother was watching tonight, do you think she'd be upset with you?
ROGER FEDERER: Why would that be?

Q. You said something once that everybody heard.
ROGER FEDERER: What did I say (smiling)?

Q. Merde.
ROGER FEDERER: No, I don't think she would be upset (smiling).

Q. Did it feel good to say it?
ROGER FEDERER: No, it didn't feel good (smiling).
Look, it was very spontaneous, I guess. It was something that goes through my mind once in a while. This time it came out. It's kind of funny. It got me laughing, no?

Q. Why in French?
ROGER FEDERER: It was in English, unfortunately (smiling). He was being nice to the audience.

Q. In a funny way, was it actually good to be taken to a third set to have a decent test this week?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I didn't think the matches, first and second, have been that straightforward. Today wasn't a 6-2, 6-1 match. I had to play also well in the first two. Losing a set doesn't always mean that's a test. It can also be a hard-fought 6-4, 6-3 win, can be also very tough sometimes.
It gets you thinking when you lose a set because it starts all over again. I never like the fact of (indiscernible) a positive. I take everything positive, all the results - also if it's a lost one. That hasn't happened for some time. Feeling good right now, of course.

Q. Players routinely raise their game when they play against you. That's something you have to deal with week in and week out?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I'm not that sure that players raise their games against me. I think for half maybe it's the case. For other ones it's not. Like against anybody else because my game also doesn't suit everybody. I don't like to play some players. I particularly have that strength of making my opponent not playing that well.
No, but so far it's been good. I'm happy I'm through. Tonight was definitely a tough match against a guy who's confident.

Q. Dimitry seems to have gained confidence a lot this year, power game. Off the court with his blogs, kind of his sense of humor, what is he like locker room-wise?

Q. Dimitry. Do the guys on tour laugh with him at this point?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah. I mean, I think players don't really quite know him yet. I know him since junior times. I played him back in the under 16 doubles of the Orange Bowl at Flamingo Park. He doesn't even remember that match. I still have a debate, but I know I won that debate because I checked it out.
I think he's a funny guy. He's got that dry sense of humor. He's kind of a bit different than the other guys. Takes a while to kind of get to know him. I'm lucky enough to know him because he's definitely a guy for everyone. When you think he's a nice guy, he's really cool.

Q. The debate was what?
ROGER FEDERER: Not who won or lost, but that we played. I remember I was scared at the net from his forehand and backhands. He was teeing off on every ball at the guy at the net. I was 16 and small and everything. I remember very clearly who he was. He doesn't remember. Kind of disappointed about it actually (smiling).

Q. Maybe he does remember.
ROGER FEDERER: No, he's got no clue, this guy (smiling).

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