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June 29, 2006

Jamie Delgado


THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon.

Q. Were you pleased with your performance today?
JAMIE DELGADO: I thought at times I played some good tennis and then at other times I sort of let up a little bit and didn't take a couple of my chances. So a little bit disappointed in that aspect. But also played some good stuff at times.

Q. Must be pretty pleased that you took a set off him?
JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah, I mean, yeah, I went in the match thinking, you know, if I took care of my business and played well, I'd have a shot at winning. After a set all, it was looking like that could happen. I had a couple of chances there, and after that it sort of changed a little bit.

Q. What do you think made the difference in the end?
JAMIE DELGADO: Uhm, I actually think in the beginning of the third set I was kind of looking across at him a little bit. Looked like there was maybe something up with him and sort of lost my concentration. I think I should have been maybe focusing a bit more on what I was doing and what I was doing to win the points. Just lost a little bit my edge there. I think that was my chance.

Q. Does it show that there's really very little difference between guys like you ranked outside the top 200 and a guy that's in the top 50? It's just playing the big points.
JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah, I think obviously coming with the matches he's won over his career, and that you do have that, you know, I'm sure he's a very confident guy in his own ability. That usually shows through on the big points.
But from my point of view, I know I can, you know, play well and I can compete with these guys when I'm playing that way.
So, you know, you got to take confidence from that.

Q. What's your schedule now?
JAMIE DELGADO: I play the challengers here in England after Wimbledon, two grass court challengers that we've got.

Q. Whereabouts?
JAMIE DELGADO: Manchester and Nottingham.

Q. Is it hard to motivate yourself at those tournaments when you come from playing in these sort of surroundings with the crowds and the prestige?
JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah, I mean, it's obviously different. Uhm, yeah, I mean, I think in previous years I've almost played some of my better tennis in a tournament like this than tournaments like that.
But, you know, I've got like a second wind here and really enjoy my tennis again, and really looking forward to playing.

Q. Did you ever get to a stage in your tennis when you weren't enjoying it?
JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah, for sure. There's been a couple moments. I mean, beginning of this year when I came back from Australia, I was quite low. And, you know, I started working with a new coach. Since then, I've been happy and started to pick up my game again. So been enjoying it.

Q. Did you think about jacking it in or not?
JAMIE DELGADO: No, I mean, I love tennis. I still believe there's some good tennis in me.
So, no, I think every player goes through ups and downs. That was just one of my downs.

Q. What goals have you set yourself for the next 12 months?
JAMIE DELGADO: Uhm, not really ranking goals. I just want to improve the way I'm playing. I still think there's things I can do better, and obviously working on my physical condition. It's basically just improve all those kind of areas rather than setting myself a ranking goal.

Q. Do you feel that you can still come back here and maybe make a third round?
JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah, for sure. I thought today was an opportunity for me. Uhm, if anything, I think my -- I felt a little bit tired there today, maybe after my five-setter on Tuesday. So that's something that I could improve, get a bit stronger. You know, I think I could have done a bit better today had that been the case.
So, yeah, I still believe I can do better here than I have done. I mean, obviously, he's been one of the best grass court players in the last five, six years, so it was never gonna be an easy match.

Q. What do you take from winning the second set, what you did to win that second set?
JAMIE DELGADO: I was definitely playing more aggressive and taking the game to him more. In terms of me trying to attack the net and take time away from him, I thought that was going well.
And in the beginning of the third set, where I let up, I think I should have kept going there and sort of gone for a bit more than I did. I think at that moment, I think I had a breakpoint. There was a couple of chances that I could have sort of gone ahead then. That's something I can learn from this match.
THE MODERATOR: And you've got a doubles match tomorrow?
JAMIE DELGADO: Doubles tomorrow, yeah.

Q. So not giving up here?
JAMIE DELGADO: No, I'm still in it, yeah.

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