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June 29, 2006

Dmitry Tursunov


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You got the first two out of the way here. Now we've got Ljubicic coming up. Where are you emotionally with this tournament right now? I know that sounds like an odd question. Sometimes with you it's hard to know just what your commitment is from day to day?
DMITRY TURSUNOV: Well, actually, you're probably right, that it's kind of hard to know with myself. I don't even know that answer.
I'm not sure. I haven't really been -- I mean, even though I've been winning fairly easy, I didn't play too many grass court players, so maybe partially that's why I've been doing, you know -- that's why I've been winning easily.
But I haven't really been playing up to my satisfaction, so hopefully I can improve and then, you know, 'cause Ivan is gonna be completely different story than the first two rounds.
I think it's gonna be like more problems, considering if, you know, I keep playing the same way. So hopefully I can, uhm, increase my level so I have any chance playing against him.

Q. How badly do you want this?
DMITRY TURSUNOV: How badly (smiling). I don't know. On the bar of -- on the scale of one to ten?
No, I mean, I definitely want it, you know. Whether I'm gonna win or lose, it's not gonna be, uhm -- is not gonna show how much I want it. Hopefully I can win, but, you know, there's a lot of things has to come together for me to win on grass against Ljubicic. So it's gonna be difficult match. I realize that. I'm not gonna -- my head is not in the sky. I don't think that I'm just gonna come out and magically start playing well. I need to work on certain things and I have two days to prepare for that match.

Q. You played Ljubicic once before?

Q. What's it like?
DMITRY TURSUNOV: It was a long time ago. You know, he wasn't where he is right now and I wasn't where I am right now. So, you know, he definitely didn't have as much confidence as he has right now simply because he had so many matches and he's been winning, he's been in top 5 for second year now.
So his confidence is definitely high, and same story for me, you know. I've had a lot of matches. So different surface again, so it's a completely different match. Just because I lost there doesn't mean that I'm gonna lose here. But, again, it's gonna depend on how both of us play.

Q. You haven't been broken yet. Is that a testimony to your serving or to opponents who - I don't want to denigrate them - but none of them are Ivan Ljubicic.
DMITRY TURSUNOV: I think it's gonna be a little bit of both. There's a lot of things. If you have a little bit more pressure, you don't serve as well. So there's a lot of things that can go wrong.
But, yeah, I mean, I think that I've been serving fairly well, and at the important points when I was down breakpoints today, you know, I managed to play well. So I think that, uhm, it has a little bit of both. I've been playing well and also the other guys haven't played so well on my serve.

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