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June 29, 2006

Sarah Borwell


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Two breakpoints as well in the first game.
SARAH BORWELL: I know. I think she was a bit nervous, to be honest. But, yeah, it's just tough. I never played anyone of that standard before. Never seen the ball come at me that hard before, so was a bit difficult.

Q. What did you learn from today?
SARAH BORWELL: Uhm, I basically learnt that to get to the next level I'm gonna have to practice with people who are either ranked similar to me or at that level. I think she probably obviously sees that standard day in, day out and I don't. I think that was the difference.
I could play points and do odd points where I played well, but I'm not capable of playing point in, point out at that standard just yet 'cause I'm just not used to it.

Q. You've never played anybody that good before then?
SARAH BORWELL: Yeah, that's the highest-ranked person I played. I guess with yesterday, you're so high after such a good match. I always know that I can compete with the majority of people. With my game, I don't feel that I would ever get blown off the court. But with someone like Ivanovic, whose serve is bigger than mine, I was hitting possibly the hardest serves I could, and she was just putting them past me. It's pretty daunting, to be honest.

Q. Were you affected by the change of court?
SARAH BORWELL: No, it was tough going on because we had about four choices of court which we would go on to. But I think any court today, I really had to play better than I've ever done before, and I still may not have come close. It was just something very new to me today. It was nice to have experienced it, but hopefully next time I may have more of a chance to practice it beforehand, before I actually play someone of that caliber.

Q. The Middlesbrough posse here again today?
SARAH BORWELL: Yeah, they were quite quiet today. I tried to give them something to cheer about, but it was just very difficult. I'm glad I've had the experience. I wouldn't say it was the most enjoyable experience, but it's something which I think you all need just to go on and push up to the next level.

Q. How realistic is it at the moment?
SARAH BORWELL: To get to Ivanovic's level?

Q. Well, I mean, just coming off the court, having been through something like that, can you sit there and take pluses from it? Or do you think, Where the hell do I go from here?
SARAH BORWELL: I always think that within tennis, I think top 50 is achievable, but I think there's a fine line between the greats like Sharapova, Hingis, Ivanovic, and then maybe 25 and above. I think some of them are just amazingly talented and are just naturally very gifted, and maybe there's a certain cutoff which I can't reach. But I think top 50, after seeing some of the players this week, is possible.

Q. Is that where you see yourself in maybe this time next year?
SARAH BORWELL: I hope so. I don't have any -- I'm not defending any points really till end of October, so I should go to about 190. I'll have no points coming off. So hopefully if I can keep moving my ranking up, then I think anything's possible.
The last two months have seen a great increase in my ranking, so if I can just maintain that.

Q. What do you think is achievable for you at next year's Wimbledon? Would you be pleased with just the second round again, or do you think getting further is feasible?
SARAH BORWELL: I think it depends on my draw again. If I play someone like Hingis or Sharapova, then it could be a struggle. But I think there's a few girls in the draw which on any given day I think I could beat. I'd give them a good run for their money at least.
Next year, with more experience, another year behind me, and hopefully my coach traveling with me more often, it could be a lot different. At least I'll have an understanding of how to play these top girls, and at least how to push them back instead of for them being so aggressive with me.

Q. Quite disappointing, though, that you were the last one in, the last British girl? Now that it's gone, it's a shame.
SARAH BORWELL: Yeah, I think that's why I'm, yeah, quite upset right now. It's such a long day. You realize you're still in Wimbledon and you're playing a top 20 player. You start to think, Oh, no, maybe there's another upset, it would be great. But as soon as I got into the warm-up and I saw the way she hit it and pushed me back straightaway, I realized it's gonna be quite tough.
I don't know. It's always tough when you're in England and you get pretty beat up really on court in front of everyone. You know the public will only see -- they won't really recognize the rankings, all what I've achieved, and they'll just see the fact that it wasn't very close.

Q. Did you see her play before at all?
SARAH BORWELL: Actually, she's my favorite player. I watched her in Japan in February. She was at the WTA there on the artificial grass. She played Sugiyama first round and won Love and 3.
I said to my coach then, I want to play like Ivanovic. She's amazing how she takes it on. You never know which way she's gonna hit the ball, but as soon as she does, it's past you.

Q. Did she say anything to you afterwards?
SARAH BORWELL: No, no (smiling). I think, no, I just said, Thanks, good luck, and I walked off.
Time to go home, I think, so...

End of FastScripts...

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