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June 29, 2006

Melanie South


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Melanie.

Q. Disappointed?
MELANIE SOUTH: Yeah, I'm pretty gutted, to be honest.

Q. You seemed to make a very good start out there. You broke her early on.
MELANIE SOUTH: Yeah, I mean, I took the adrenaline from yesterday. I went out there again looking to enjoy it. Ended up with a set point, which I just missed. I replayed that over in my mind about 500 times now. So I'm pretty disappointed about that, then she just kind of took it on. I felt I had to go for a bit too much. Well, I was trying to go for too much. So, yeah, that really led it to an easier second set for her.

Q. Was it nerves?
MELANIE SOUTH: Uhm, I mean, yeah, I was more nervous today going out there than yesterday, which I was surprised with really. But I knew I could feel like that, so I'd already thought about that.
Then I think, actually being out there, I just kind of enjoyed it again the first set. And the second set, I just felt I had to go for too much. I didn't really just stay relaxed with it. That's why.

Q. Have you been thinking about that set point after the match, or was it playing on your mind during the second set?
MELANIE SOUTH: Uhm, during the second set, I just tried to get on with it, yeah. It's basically after I've gone over it.

Q. In what way do you think you could have done it differently? What would you have done better?
MELANIE SOUTH: On the actual set point, I wouldn't have done anything differently, apart from maybe just going for it a little bit, slightly more. I slightly held back. She was running the same direction I was going to go. Apart from that, it was a good first set.

Q. We see quite often British players, there's really very little difference technically between the players, yet so, so many of the opposition are ranked in the top hundred, British players are ranked below 200. What is the little bridge that needs to be crossed?
MELANIE SOUTH: I think the difference is working day in, day out. You just got to keep that up. Then she just found a way to make the ball in the court more times, found a way to kind of take me out of my comfort zone, to make me not play the way I wanted to play, to make me fight. I had a hard time out there basically.

Q. Can you use this as a learning curve?
MELANIE SOUTH: Yeah, definitely. It's still been a great tournament for me. Had a huge win for me yesterday. Disappointed about today, but I feel I've still got chances in those matches. She's like 60 in the world or something. So it just proves to me that I can play with these players and I'm going to take that into the future.

Q. If it's proved a point to you, do you think it's proved a point to others, do you think?
MELANIE SOUTH: I think so, yeah. But at the end of the day, it's my career, it's all for me. I'm just going to look at my opinions, rather than what other people think. It's good if other people see and comment on it in good ways, but also they could look at it negatively. Just because I beat the 11th seed yesterday doesn't mean I turn into the 11th seed. So it was still a tough match for me today.

Q. Where do you go from here?
MELANIE SOUTH: I have the doubles tomorrow. That's all I'm thinking about at the moment. Look forward to that. Hopefully we can get a win there. And then afterwards, it's a 25 in Felixstowe.

Q. One of the papers said you look like Bridget Jones.
MELANIE SOUTH: I heard that a couple of times. I don't see it myself. A couple of friends have said it before. My brother texted me saying that actually. I was a bit shocked.

Q. No comparison between your personality and hers?
MELANIE SOUTH: Hopefully not.

Q. You don't keep a diary?

Q. When does Felixstowe start?
MELANIE SOUTH: The week after the second week here.

Q. Just to check, you live in New Malden. Is that where you were brought up?

Q. Is that where you were brought up?

Q. Were you at school locally?
MELANIE SOUTH: Nonesuch High School in Cheam.

Q. Did you do A levels?
MELANIE SOUTH: Yeah. I finished A levels. Didn't really go to school much in the second year. That's when I really started playing. But managed to keep the work up at home like by myself. Then, yeah, finished them, so at least I've got that.

Q. Would you expect your opponent today would have played far more tennis hours than you probably?

Q. Do you come up against players that you think actually played more than you?
MELANIE SOUTH: Well, she's obviously played a lot more at this level than me. In terms of training, I'm not quite sure. I think we all do the similar stuff. Since I've started working with Lucy, we've done a lot more. So I think I am on more of that level now. I just got to keep pushing with it.

Q. How hard will it be for you to go back down a level, back to Felixstowe or will it be a matter of you having gained a lot of confidence?
MELANIE SOUTH: I'm not sure because I've never done it before. I'll just have to see how it goes really.

Q. This tournament has been a big payday for you. How will it help your career? More coaching or whatever?
MELANIE SOUTH: Like the pay isn't anything to me at the moment. Obviously, it's a huge bonus. But for me it was just playing at this level. But even confidence, this is what I want to do as a career, I want to make it. I'm not just in it for the money really.

Q. Would you expect if you were to meet her again this time next year that you would win?
MELANIE SOUTH: I would hope so, yeah. I would definitely, you know, take from this keep working even harder than I have been, just keep pushing. Yeah, I really want to be up there.

Q. Do you enjoy being in the limelight?
MELANIE SOUTH: Yeah, it's always good fun. Yeah, it's just this week really. We're going to be back there. No one is really -- it's going to be one man and his dog watching at the next few tournaments. I've just got to enjoy it while it lasts.

Q. You say you want to make it. What would making it be?
MELANIE SOUTH: I always said top 100. But I definitely want to build from there. This week's proved to me I can do it. It's just having that determination and fight.

Q. So we'll be seeing you again next year then?
MELANIE SOUTH: Definitely. Definitely.

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