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June 28, 2006

Bethanie Mattek-Sands


THE MODERATOR: Who would like to start us off?

Q. How would you describe your game today?
BETHANIE MATTEK: Well, it was kind of hard to do anything. I mean, she was playing really well. Every time I'd get up a couple points in the game, she'd come up with some great shots. So it was just hard to get a rhythm. I wasn't able to quite show my game today.

Q. How would you describe her game?
BETHANIE MATTEK: She likes to go for it. You know, she came up with some good serves when she needed to. She hit the lines, hit a couple aces.
Every time she got a little off-pace ball, she'd go for a winner. So pretty aggressive game.

Q. Did you enjoy the experience?
BETHANIE MATTEK: It was definitely a good experience. I hadn't played out there before. I really enjoy playing out there. I wish I could have stayed out there a little longer, but... Next year.

Q. Couldn't quite read the lettering on your bosom. What was it?

Q. Yeah. What did they say?
BETHANIE MATTEK: It was chocolate. I actually didn't even know how to pronounce it. I feel so bad. Jolyene (phonetic), or something.
And then Travel Direct, so. I think it was Travel Direct.

Q. Trip Advisor.
BETHANIE MATTEK: Trip Advisor. Oh, my goodness. I was given it like right before I walked on. Trip Advisor.

Q. Do they hand out sponsorships at the door? How does that work?
BETHANIE MATTEK: Well, pretty much they have like -- they give it to agencies, and then agencies will offer certain deals, if you're playing on a show court or something. Kind of last minute because you don't know what court you're going on and everything. Octagon came up to me and just showed me what they were offering, so.

Q. You're paid for that?
BETHANIE MATTEK: Yeah, yeah. You're paid for it.

Q. Do you care to say how much?
BETHANIE MATTEK: I was paid a grand for each patch, so...

Q. Does that distract you at all as you're walking on court, you're like negotiating business deals?
BETHANIE MATTEK: Well, actually, I didn't do it. So, uhm, I pretty much left it up to -- my coach was kind of handling it. He took care of it the night before. He just said, Here you go. I was like, Awesome, all right.

Q. What were the other options? What would you have had to do for five grand?
BETHANIE MATTEK: Well, it depends. I mean, if I wasn't wearing a bra or something, maybe that would have gone up five or something. Definitely would have gotten a picture there.
No, I don't know.

Q. Did you have any choice of the placement?
BETHANIE MATTEK: Of the patches?

Q. Yes.
BETHANIE MATTEK: Pretty much, yeah. I mean, it was -- I guess you could put them wherever, I guess. I just kind of gave it to the seamstress.

Q. Would representation have handled this normally?
BETHANIE MATTEK: I actually have just recently signed. I'm not really with an agency now. I just signed with a PR company. It was very recent. He's out in California. That's what I was wondering the other day, too.

Q. This raises a financial question. What is it like to compete at this level financially for you?
BETHANIE MATTEK: For me it's actually really tough. Every once in a while you get to play in a big stadium like this. It's wow, it's cool. I mean, the rest of the tournaments, it's a struggle. For me I'm paying for a coach. It's pretty tough.

Q. Are you breaking even?
BETHANIE MATTEK: Pretty much right now. I think I got enough in the bank after today. I mean, it's definitely tough.

Q. The patches were part of a distinct outfit today. What made you decide to wear what you had on today?
BETHANIE MATTEK: The outfit, it's funny. I had one of my friends in my hotel room last night. I had like three shirts, three skirts. I don't know what I'm going to wear. I was going for kind of the soccer theme. I was looking for some high socks. Maybe the soccer look, or maybe I was going to do almost a white nylon. I was actually at Harrod's last night trying to find something.

Q. You got it at Harrod's?

Q. How much were they?
BETHANIE MATTEK: They were actually like 10 pounds.

Q. Distinct look.
BETHANIE MATTEK: Yeah. I actually bought those in Paris when I was playing French Open. Kind of an Urban Outfitter look. I actually bought a bunch of stuff there.

Q. You're quite known for a very distinct style on court. Is that something you actively do?
BETHANIE MATTEK: Yeah, I mean, it was funny. All the players in the locker room are like, Oh, my God, Beth, what are you wearing today? You have to tell me first.
I actually don't know. I was going to go pretty calm this tournament. I pulled out some crazy stuff, which I've gotten fined for before. So I was like, Okay, I'm going to be mellow here, wear all white.

Q. That was mellow today?
BETHANIE MATTEK: Yeah. I had to do something because everyone -- I felt pressure.

Q. What kind of other things have you done that have caused a bit of a stir?
BETHANIE MATTEK: US Open, I wore a cowboy hat. US Open before, I was wearing like a leopard-print dress. I've worn kind of like 50 Cent kind of hat in the finals of LA. I've had a few things.

Q. They fined you for that?

Q. All of those outfits?
BETHANIE MATTEK: Just the one at US Open.

Q. The cowboy hat?

Q. A lot of debate about equal prize money for women here. Should fashion play a part in that? A lot of the women's tennis today was quick, not the greatest. Is fashion part of the whole thing that people are paying for?
BETHANIE MATTEK: For sure. I mean, I think tennis is a form of entertainment. I mean, I'm pretty much playing out there, trying to play my best so people enjoy coming and watching. Without fans or support or sponsors, I mean, I'll just be hitting a yellow ball for my own enjoyment.
But, I mean, I enjoy playing, but it's definitely an entertainment. So I agree, yeah.

Q. The Williams sisters are known for their fashion sense. How do you compare yourself to their style?
BETHANIE MATTEK: I think I have a little bit of a different look. I don't know. I mean, I think it's good that they've gone out on a limb and tried some different stuff. I think it's great. I myself like to be creative in ways. So good for them. I think it's great.

Q. The equal prize money question seems to involve players at the very top, tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. How helpful would it be for you to have the per-round prize money raised some, equal to men or a bit more than what it is now?
BETHANIE MATTEK: I mean, it definitely would help. I mean, like I said, it's really an expensive sport, especially for someone ranked around my ranking. You're paying for coaches, paying for your own flights and meals and everything. You get treated very well here.
But, I mean, any little bit helps, of course.

Q. Coming from Minnesota, what has influenced your fashion sense?
BETHANIE MATTEK: I think it was my move to Miami that helped me out (laughter). Believe it or not, I was very like not fashion conscious or anything when I was in Minnesota or Wisconsin. I went down to Miami and I kind of got into that whole world.

Q. Why do you wear basketball trainers?
BETHANIE MATTEK: I actually think the basketball shoes look cooler. So many more varieties, more colors. I mean, like today I had to wear grass court shoes obviously. But, yeah, normally I'll be sporting some Jordans or some (indiscernible). Yeah, I like it.

Q. How do you think the tabloids will react to the outfit you wore today in both pictures and commentary?
BETHANIE MATTEK: I don't know. I didn't hear any of the commentary. I'm not sure how it went over. I just pretty much went on my gut just kind of what I felt like wearing today. Hopefully it was good.

Q. Does the name Gussie Moran mean anything to you?

Q. Does the name Gussie Moran mean anything to you?

Q. She was a player who wore frilled panties here years ago.
BETHANIE MATTEK: I saw pictures of that. Yeah, that's cool. I'll do it next year.

Q. How do other female players react to you because you get so much media attention? Is there competition?
BETHANIE MATTEK: I don't really think so. I mean, I'm good friends with a lot of the players. I try to keep it low-key. I'm not doing it 'cause I'm such a superstar. It's more because that's my personality. I like to have fun. I like to be different. I try to convey that to all the other players, that I'm not trying to be a step above them or anything like that.

Q. Do you have a boyfriend? Are you married?
BETHANIE MATTEK: No boyfriend right now. I'm single.

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