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June 28, 2006

Ai Sugiyama


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. You said yesterday that your kind of shared past with Morigami meant that you knew each other's form well. Do you think that helped you in today's match?
AI SUGIYAMA: Yeah, I know. Yeah, of course for each of us we know pretty well how we play against.
Yeah, I think, yeah, it helped for me 'cause I could see, uhm, what should I have to -- what should I do on the court today, so I could visualize what I had to do. I focus about myself more, so I think it helped.

Q. And you seemed a lot more relaxed and confident on court today. Do you think you'd well and truly got over your Wimbledon first match nerves?
AI SUGIYAMA: No. Actually, I think I was a bit -- didn't have a feeling of my forehand first round and I was struggling a bit. And also I didn't know Cavaday at all. It was kind of tough to find out the way I play. But I fix my forehand after first round, and I was pretty confidence the way I play.
So from the beginning, actually, I was really comfortable on the court today.

Q. With a Japanese opponent and so many Japanese in the crowd, did it feel like Wimbledon today?
AI SUGIYAMA: (Laughing). Well, actually, for the Japanese crowd, I think they don't know how to -- I mean, just watching but not to support actually for both of us. So our court was pretty quiet today.
But, yeah, I'm really happy the way I played today. Then, yeah, it's gonna be tough one for next round, but I'm really looking forward to play. I guess Hingis is winning now, so, yeah, it's gonna be a good one for me.

Q. There were a lot of strange line calls today. How easy is it not to lose your focus in these situations?
AI SUGIYAMA: Yeah, yeah, it was unusual that I get so upset about it. Normally, I can really let it go. But today, I was so sure that the ball was really out, so (smiling)...
And it was not only one time. And then pretty -- that moment, beginning of the second set, it was really important moment for me 'cause I had a chance to break her serve at the beginning and I can get the good rhythm. So it was really important moment.
So I was a little upset, but I probably shouldn't be 'cause the mark is not like on clay court. So I need to be -- let it go next time.

Q. And probably an interesting match next.
AI SUGIYAMA: Yeah, it's gonna be a tough one for me, but I'm really looking forward to it.

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