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June 28, 2006

Akiko Morigami


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Was it a bit like your first match? In the first set it was pretty difficult, but then you got into form.
AKIKO MORIGAMI: Well, today was -- obviously, uhm, Sugiyama played pretty well, I think, because she was really aggressive. I wanted to play my game, but she didn't let me. She just beat me today. I mean, I have to give a lot of credit because I supposed to play that way, it's like nothing to lose. But the way she play, was like it feel like nothing to lose. I felt so much pressure because she was hitting the ball inside the baseline, then I had to back it up a lot, which I didn't want to do that. I wanted to take the ball early. I wanted to be inside the baseline. But she didn't let me do that.
So I have to give a lot of credit. She played pretty well.

Q. Are you happy with your form? How does that translate to doubles?
AKIKO MORIGAMI: Well, I didn't play my best tennis today. But, uhm, I try to compete. I try to fight it out and just, you know, try to find a way to win. But it just didn't go my way today.
Then I think it was a lot of positive also that I came in the net. Usually didn't happen to me that often, but it did work today.
So, yeah, I look forward to play doubles with another Japanese player. Just gonna have fun.

Q. What did you think of the crowd today? A lot of Japanese people, but they didn't seem sure who to cheer for.
AKIKO MORIGAMI: Yeah, that was interesting (laughing). But, well, I think the crowd was pretty fair for both of us. I mean, I'm sure they want to see good tennis. And, well, I didn't play my best tennis, but I would say Sugi was playing really well. Then, well, just didn't go my way.
The crowd was -- I don't know if they happy or they satisfied, I don't know. But it was interesting (smiling).

Q. You seemed to be getting into it a bit more in the second set. Would a few more cheers from the crowd have --
AKIKO MORIGAMI: No, no, no. I mean, well, 'cause it's pretty tough with the crowd also, you know, because two Japanese player playing each other in the second round.
And then, well, I try to get into myself in the second set, and maybe I had a little bit opportunity. But, you know, every time I had a chance, well, she hits a pretty big first serve and I couldn't return.
Well, it was really, really like a little opportunity today that I couldn't take it. But I have to give a lot of credit, like I said, because she was playing really aggressive and then she won the points when she needed to. So just give her a lot of credit.

Q. Your sights are now set on the doubles?
AKIKO MORIGAMI: Well, Aiko and I play like since the French Open. I like her a lot (smiling). She's really nice girl and she's Japanese.
Then hopefully we can do well here. I'm sure if we play right away and if we play, fight, and compete well, I'm sure result will come. Then we'll be, you know -- not many Japanese player right now. I mean four players in the main draw right now. I am playing with Aiko, another Japanese player. Hopefully, we can do well and hopefully we can tell a lot of player Japanese doubles gonna be good (smiling).
So I'm look forward it.

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