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June 27, 2006

Boris Pashanski


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Boris Pashanski, please.

Q. Did you feel at any point that Agassi was having trouble moving? It seemed maybe he was limping a little. I'm not sure.
BORIS PASHANSKI: Yeah, you could -- I think in the past like six months, you could see that he is not really moving great. But I think in his game, it is important of course, but it's not one of the most important things, his moving. He always makes the opponent run, you know, and it's really difficult to make a first step and move him on the court, especially on grass. That's a little bit more difficult. If we would play any other surface, maybe I could have more chances because it would be little bit slower so we could play longer points. But like this, on grass, you know, the points are not so long so is not so many movements.
But as well I think he's already how much, 36? I think it's time to not moving really great.

Q. Could you speak also about Agassi's serve. He seemed to place it fairly well.
BORIS PASHANSKI: In the first set --

Q. Not so much in the first set, I guess, but go ahead.
BORIS PASHANSKI: In the first set, he was trying I think more on the T, to serve some (indiscernible). I think I was blocking quite good. But after a while, he realizing he start moving me on the forehand, very short slice, on the wide. He was really doing it good, and it's one of the moments when he start taking advantage.

Q. Did he seem like a guy who should be walking away from the game, or does he seem to you like somebody who can still play at a high level?
BORIS PASHANSKI: No, I think he can play on the high level still and I think he's gonna try to show everybody that he can play this Wimbledon and the next US Open. I don't know. I don't know exactly. But seems good.
I mean, he's gonna play next round also another guys who are specialist for clay, then he's got to play Nadal as well. So I don't know. It's tough.

Q. The fact that the crowd was so supportive of Andre, did that bother you or make it difficult for you?
BORIS PASHANSKI: No, I used to play as well the Davis Cup matches, so. But that was a little bit different because we are in England and I play the American guy. But doesn't matter. I'm making joke, so.
I mean, of course they support him all the match. I mean, but in the end as well when I was making the good points, they was clapping for me.
But I cannot say. I mean, they were correct. Cannot say anything more than this.

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