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May 11, 2006

Rafael Nadal


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.
Q. (Through translation.) The question was if Tim proposes to teach English to you, would you give him some games more?
THE TRANSLATOR: He said no. The result is the result, but I would be happy to invite him over to Mallorca.
Q. Can you talk about the match. It seemed like a very good performance from you.
RAFAEL NADAL: Si. Si, si. Maybe I think I play a serious match, no. Maybe I play good, but nothing especial, no. I play very serious. I feel comfortable with my serve.
And Tim, in the first games in the first set, it was difficult, no. He play very down, very low, with the slice. It was not easy, no.
But after, I can do the break in the third game in every set, and that's the determinant, the determinant. That's the determinant.
Q. Rafa, does 50 have any special significance? Are you starting to think about Vilas?
RAFAEL NADAL: I have 50 now, no?
Q. You have 50 now. Is there any special significance for 50?
RAFAEL NADAL: I am happy, no. Fifty is a lot, no, lot of victories.
But I am happy for stay in the quarterfinal here, no, not especially for the 50, for the 50 victories, no. So is important for me to stay in the quarterfinal here. Is a good tournament.
And tomorrow I will have very difficult match. Now I have the most difficult matches. Maybe -- no, sorry. I don't have -- I was... (speaking Spanish).
(Through translation.) Yes, it's a lot of victories, but I'm not especially happy about that, but about the fact that I am in the quarterfinals, which is in this important tournament. It's important.
I've had some difficult matches, especially the one with Moya, and then the two last ones were very serious matches, and the one who is waiting for me tomorrow is a very tough match as well.

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