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June 24, 2005

Amelie Mauresmo


THE MODERATOR: Who is going to start?

Q. Was it tough out there in the conditions?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Yeah, it was tough conditions. You know, it's the first day really we have some wind, you know, like this. We had some in Eastbourne last week. But, you know, the first two rounds were, you know, perfect conditions. So it's still a big change. But, you know, I really managed to play with that wind and was able to really control the points even with these conditions, so it was good for me.

Q. You now only conceded 11 games in your matches here.

AMELIE MAURESMO: Yeah. That's good.

Q. How much more improvement is there for you, do you think?

AMELIE MAURESMO: You know, of course, it gives me a lot of confidence to play the way I play, to feel like this on the court and still probably need to work a little bit on a few things here and there. But overall I think my game is really coming together. I'm looking forward for the next match and being able, again, to really play an aggressive game and going forward and coming in. We'll see.

Q. Do you feel your game is in good shape for a bigger challenge?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Yeah, I think so. I really think, you know, my game is there, very competitive on this surface. Yeah, we'll see how it goes with the bigger challenges, as you say.

Q. Must help that you've not really been stretched physically this week.

AMELIE MAURESMO: Of course. I think it's always good to get forward in the tournament without being tired or having long matches. Especially with the heat we had in the first few days. That's good for me.

Q. Do you feel you can win the tournament?

AMELIE MAURESMO: We'll see. You know, I feel my game is great on this surface. There are so many things that can happen. We'll see how it goes. I mean, I'm usually taking it match after match. But I'm enjoying it. I really am enjoying to play on this surface. So we'll see where it takes me.

Q. You had something like eight breakpoints that you failed to convert. What was the problem?

AMELIE MAURESMO: I think she played good on these points actually. I just missed one on the second serve, I think it was 3-1. She serve and volleyed pretty well. When her serve was in with a lot of spin, and with the wind, it wasn't easy to control. On these points she played some -- you know, I thought some good shots. But I still was happy to get the break again at 4-2. I really wanted to make it because I was a little bit frustrated not to be able to convert these breakpoints.

Q. You came close to winning a major titles. What do you feel it will take just to go that extra match or two?

AMELIE MAURESMO: It was a long time ago that I played the final. It was very different conditions for me. I was just coming in. I was 19. I wasn't -- I didn't really know what I was doing, you know, or how I was playing, how the tournament was going. No, it's pretty different now. I think I realize a little bit more what are my weapons, what I need to do. Probably, you know, just believe in myself a little bit more, this little extra. Last year also I came very close to reaching the final. On two or three shots, I made some maybe wrong decisions. So keep focusing on the process, as we say.

Q. What do you think your weapons are?

AMELIE MAURESMO: When my serve is there, I think it's pretty effective on grass, coming in, you know, the slice backhand also. Not a lot of girls are using these weapons. I think with the rebounds here being very low, it can help. Being able to mix it up. Not a lot of girls do that.

Q. It's said in England you're the sort of French equivalent of Tim Henman, there's a huge amount of pressure on you when you play in the French Open. Do you feel it much easier here without that burden of pressure?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Of course, of course. It's very different. Especially since it's coming right after the French Open. The difference is even bigger for me. Yeah, I'm sure he probably feels the same way at the French Open than me playing here, I'm sure.

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