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July 1, 2005

Amelie Mauresmo



Q. How difficult did you anticipate this match would be yesterday and today, the semis?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Just the match overall?

Q. Yes.

AMELIE MAURESMO: I knew obviously it would be a tough match because, you know, I said Lindsay have been playing some great tennis since the beginning of the tournament. She I think always does on grass. I think it's a pretty good surface for her. So, yeah, I knew it was going to be a tough one. That was obviously the case. That's it.

Q. Are you happy with how you played?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, it was a great match I think. But, you know, of course, even though you play great, you want still to have the win at the end of the day, which is not the case. You know, so far -- of course, I played good, but not good enough to beat Lindsay. Disappointed.

Q. How does this disappointment rank with your other semifinal defeats?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, I don't know if there's a ranking to make or whatever. It's just very disappointing right now. I really, you know, felt I would have been able to really win this match. But, you know, she was able to come back with great returning games at the key moments and also some good serving in the third set - not only today, but also last night. You know, it is very disappointing. Obviously, you know, as I said, I played well. I think I played a good tennis, very aggressive. That's really what I wanted to do against her, and that's what I did throughout the match, whether I was serving or returning. Nothing much to say about that.

Q. How hard was the rain break, as well?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, it's tough. You know, it's tough. But that's the way it is. I think we got even lucky to have some time yesterday to play, like probably two hours or a little bit more. But, you know, it's tough. You come back and you really have to prepare very well. I didn't really sleep last night. Yeah, it's difficult situations, but it's the same obviously for both of us. Sometimes you know, especially here at Wimbledon, you know you might have to deal with these situations. That's the way it is.

Q. When you were a break up in the second, did you think victory was within your grasp?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, I knew -- from the beginning I knew it was possible for me in this match. But, you know, I also know she's returning very well. She's a good returner. She showed great experience in some key moments, as I said. Yeah, I knew I could win. But I knew also that she wouldn't give it to me, and I would have to fight for it.

Q. How about the way you played at the key moments?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Well, I think the key was the serve. I didn't put enough first serves in. I didn't look at the stats, but I'm going to look at it a bit later. I'm sure it was a big difference from Lindsay and me. Not only in first or second or third set, but, you know, throughout the match I think that made the difference, the first serve, because not enough effective on this part of the game on my side.

Q. Obviously anything can happen, but you did leave the grounds dangling a bit off a cliff. Was it hard to settle yourself, to be relaxed, or was it a strange feeling?

AMELIE MAURESMO: It was okay to be relaxed and everything, but tough to fall asleep. Of course, you think about the match, the sets that I've been play. You think about what's going to happen tomorrow, how you're going to do things, what you're going to do on the serve, on the return, whatever. Yeah, okay to relax, but very tough to fall asleep.

Q. Has there ever been a time before where you were in that kind of position?

AMELIE MAURESMO: No, I don't really think so. Probably the first time for me, I think.

Q. How many hours did you sleep last night?

AMELIE MAURESMO: I don't know. I don't know. Spread out throughout the night. I don't know.

Q. Was there a tear in your eyes at the end of the game? Did you cry?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Did I cry? Not yet. It's a big disappointment. Whether you cry, you don't cry, it's not I think the point. I think it's just the way you feel inside, the frustration and the disappointment that is here. That's very tough.

Q. We have three Grand Slam cities vying to be the host city. Can you tell us what you think about Paris' chance? The announcement will come in about five days. Would you like it to be in Paris?

AMELIE MAURESMO: Yeah, of course. Of course. But it's a pretty tough moment for me to talk about that.

Q. That might give you an edge if it is in Paris.

AMELIE MAURESMO: That would be great in France. We were very disappointed not to have it in 2008. I think we have a pretty strong position in the list. I think everybody, not only the sports person, but also all the people in France and in Paris would love to have this event, this great event. It would be I think a huge moment for France.

Q. Are you going to prepare differently for the US Open or you're satisfied with your game, nothing to change into the US Open?

AMELIE MAURESMO: No, I think, you know, probably try to put a little bit of what I do on grass, which is being very aggressive and coming in a little bit more on the hard court surface. I think also maybe today, I mean, in this match, I had like maybe three or four volleys that I should have put away. Maybe if I do it more often during the year, because I only do it on grass. I think if you get used to it a little more often throughout the year, those volleys are a little easier to make in these big matches.

Q. Can you pick a winner of the final?

AMELIE MAURESMO: That's tough. That's tough. I think -- I don't know really. It's going to depend a lot on the serve, I guess, also in the final. I haven't seen Venus play since the beginning of the tournament, so it's a bit tough for me to tell. But she seem to really come back pretty strong. You know, the serve. The serve is going to be the key point. But I couldn't really pick a winner.

Q. Venus is playing quite well. Are you surprised by that? Do you think it's great to see her come back?

AMELIE MAURESMO: I'm not surprised because I saw her play in Australia. I thought she was already starting to really come back and be more focused on the game and what she had to do. And I played her in February also. So I saw a little bit that, you know, she was coming back, really getting her mind focused on the tennis again. Yeah, I knew when she's playing well, obviously she's capable of beating everybody. It's not really a surprise.

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