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August 18, 2005

Amelie Mauresmo

TORONTO, ONTARIO, A. MAURESMO/C. Martinez 6-0, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English for Amélie.

Q. You're obviously used to playing every day when you're in a tournament, but how much help is it to end a match the way you did: really quick, 6-Love, 6-2?

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: It's good. Obviously, just not spending too much time on the court is an advantage when you play these kind of tournaments, when you have to go out every day. But, you know, also because I haven't played for a month in competition, I like to be maybe tested a little bit more so that, you know, I can really know where I am in terms of, you know, physical training and everything.

Q. The score was very much in your favor. Being off for a while, how do you feel so far being back on the court?

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I think I played better than my first match. You know, I had a few things I have to adjust after the first round. I felt everything was working pretty well today. I know her very well also. I know the way she plays, which is very, you know, different from the other players. So, you know, I was not surprised at all by what she did, and I knew exactly what I had to do to really put her into trouble. So it was good.

Q. Can you just expand on that a little bit. You talked about the differences between her and some of the other players, you knew exactly what you had to do.

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: As you can see, you know, she's variating (sic) a lot. Varying (smiling)? Varying a lot, especially on the backhand side with the topspin and the slice, she's capable of doing both. We've seen a few dropshots as well. On the forehand side putting in a lot of topspin. On the tour, the girls, most of them play pretty flat on both sides. I think, you know, it's an advantage at some point when you're capable of doing both. So that's the difference with her and the other player. I know -- you know, I knew if I was overpowering her, making her run, don't let her dictate the game with her forehand, I would, you know, be probably a good match for me.

Q. You're obviously in great shape. For those of us who haven't seen you in a while, you're no longer quite as cut, your muscles, as you were a couple years ago. I don't know if you're not doing as much muscle-building kind of training. Did you decide that was too much muscle to play the game you wanted to play. I was wondering why the body changed?

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: When have you seen me last time (smiling)?

Q. A while.

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I'm sure you just ask these questions because of what have been wrote in the papers, not because you've seen me.

Q. I've seen pictures.

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: You've seen pictures, but you haven't seen me, for sure, real before.

Q. I've seen you before.

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Because, you know, I'm doing more weight lifting now than I used to, but I lost little bit of weight. Maybe that's what made the difference. A lot of things has been written about me, about my physical looking or whatever. So sometimes it goes to your mind, and you just suppose things, but you're not really sure about it.

Q. I've seen pictures of you, of your back before, which seemed to be much broader.

AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Maybe I'm not the right person to talk about. Ask to people who have seen me maybe change. I don't know. I don't think I've changed a lot, except maybe losing some weight.

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