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August 16, 2005

Taylor Dent


Q. Basically, both sets ending in a tiebreaker like that, how much of a difference was there between players tonight?

TAYLOR DENT: I actually thought it was quite a bit of difference even though the score didn't show it. He played pretty solid and wasn't making too many errors. And I haven't seen my stats yet, but I'm sure my unforced errors were up there. So, you know, I managed to hang in there and give myself a chance, you know, to win both sets with smoke and mirrors pretty much.

Q. Did anything impress you about your game? He seemed to be really, really aggressive and he just kind of went for everything no matter what the situation was.

TAYLOR DENT: I think that -- I don't know. I think he plays a lot similar to Hewitt. And in my opinion - I could be wrong - but I feel like he's got a nice first serve. Second serve's, you know, solid; doesn't make too many double-faults. From the baseline, you know, he's just steady. Doesn't do too much. I was making him hit a couple passing shots today and he was ripping those pretty well. But in my opinion he plays a lot like Hewitt does.

Q. I think he was up 5-1 in the second-set tiebreaker, hit that lob over your head. Seemed like an impressive shot for a person his age to do in that situation.

TAYLOR DENT: Yeah, you know, I mean, I don't think age is really that indicative to how tennis mature you are. You know, you see Andy Roddick playing extremely well when he's young; Lleyton Hewitt, you know. Now Andy Murray. So I think sports isn't -- doesn't really take into too much consideration age. Now you got Nadal as well. So age doesn't factor in too much. Just your tennis level, tennis maturity, I guess.

Q. Do you feel like a veteran now?

TAYLOR DENT: Yeah, no, for sure. I've been on the tour a long time. You know, hopefully my best tennis is still yet to come. I still feel my game is extremely green, you know. I feel like I can play much better tennis, but time will only tell.

Q. Was there a line in the men's room when you took that break in a public restroom between sets?

TAYLOR DENT: Oh, it was Andy Murray.

Q. Oh, I'm sorry.

TAYLOR DENT: That's all right. I probably needed to take a break, maybe change something up.

Q. I'm sorry.

TAYLOR DENT: That's all right.

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