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June 27, 2005

Andy Murray

Shahar Peer


Q. What is it like playing with Andy?

SHAHAR PEER: How was it?

Q. Yes.

SHAHAR PEER: It was nice. First time I'm playing mixed. But it was a nice match. I hope we will take our experience from this match.

Q. Andy, what was it like playing with Shahar?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, she actual played much better than me today. I was rubbish. The first set, I never played mixed before, so I didn't know what to do. I was scared about hitting it to the girl. Then the second set, I played a bit better. But it was okay.

Q. A bit embarrassing, losing your serve twice to lose the match.

SHAHAR PEER: The second time was my fault actually. One time, you can say.

ANDREW MURRAY: Well, not embarrassing. Everybody loses their serve sometimes.

Q. Nice experience on Court 3?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, it was good. A lot of people came to watch. We got good support. It was just unfortunate that I didn't play so well. But the crowd was very good, I thought. I wasn't expecting so many people when I got off court. I couldn't move.

Q. Are you serious? You didn't expect that to happen after the weekend, the publicity?

ANDREW MURRAY: No, not really. Don't see why it should have happened. There were so many people standing outside waiting, I couldn't move at all. Because there was other matches going on, as well. I thought they might have been interested in someone else.

Q. Are you still going to stick to your "giving everybody an autograph" rule?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, well, I try to. I said that I would do it as long as it doesn't get in the way of my matches and my practice. But when I have the time, yeah. I tried to do everybody's, but I couldn't because they were all pushing. I couldn't even move.

Q. How long are you sticking around Wimbledon now? What are you going to be doing with your time?

ANDREW MURRAY: Uhm, I'm leaving on Thursday or Friday to go to Newport, and then I'm not sure what I'm going to do next couple of days. I think I'll take a rest day, go go-karting or something. Actually, I'm supposed to be going to the Coldplay concert tonight which starts at 9, so I want to get out of here (smiling).

Q. You said you were surprised. What other things have happened to you over the last few hours that surprised you?

ANDREW MURRAY: The last few hours?

Q. Since Saturday.

ANDREW MURRAY: Well, doing a press conference after a mixed doubles match isn't normal, I don't think. The guy told me it's the first time that anybody's wanted to do a first-round doubles match, so I think that's a bit strange. Apart from that, I've just been asked to do a lot of autographs, like even from people in the street. It's a little bit weird.

Q. Are you sort of getting the sense that your circumstances generally have changed, given what's happened?


Q. Financially, as well?

ANDREW MURRAY: Financially, no, not really, because I signed my contracts at the start of the year and you can't change your contracts after six months. They're all quite long. Financially, I can't really do anything else because I have both of my patches, my clothes and my racquets.

Q. Have you had any indication that you might get a bit more funding, for example?

ANDREW MURRAY: I haven't really spoken to anyone about it yet, but I'm sure maybe I'll be able to get some more, yeah.

Q. What will it mean for you for Mark Petchey to remain as your coach for the long-term?

ANDREW MURRAY: What will it mean?

Q. What would it mean to you? Would it be disruptive to you if Mark decided not to commit to you full-time?

ANDREW MURRAY: Well, I'd have to get used to it. I'd understand if he didn't because he has a young family. He has commitments for Sky. If he stops doing the thing with Sky, stops his job with the LAT, after three or four months of working with me and doesn't enjoy it, then he doesn't have a job. It's a pretty big commitment for him and he's going to have to make a big decision. It would be difficult if he said no, but I'm sure I'd find someone else.

Q. Are you committed to staying in Barcelona irrespective of what happens with Petch?


Q. No matter what happens, that will be your training base for the foreseeable future?


Q. Has anybody else approached you to take over coaching?

ANDREW MURRAY: There was after Queen's, and there was a lot of talk about different people. But since I said I wanted him to be my coach, nobody's said anything else.

Q. How did you and Shahar end up playing doubles?

SHAHAR PEER: I email him in French Open, just asking if he wants to play the mixed. He answer yes. So we sign up.

ANDREW MURRAY: We never really spoke that much before this week.


ANDREW MURRAY: I think because I played well in the doubles match in Israel, in the Davis Cup, maybe that's why she asked to play with me (smiling).

Q. Was there anyone else who asked and you had to turn them down?

ANDREW MURRAY: I was going to play with a friend from Spain, but we weren't going to get in, so I thought it would be better to play with someone we'd get in with.

Q. You said some strange things have happened to you. What's the nicest thing that's happened to you apart from the matches on the court?

ANDREW MURRAY: Nothing. Go-karting yesterday was the most fun thing I've done.

Q. Did you win?

ANDREW MURRAY: I was racing in a team, and my team let me down.

Q. How is that then?


Q. What did they do?

ANDREW MURRAY: They drove slower than the other cars.

Q. But you drove fast, obviously?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah. There was a couple of guys who were like semi-professional, and they were better than everyone there. I was probably the third or fourth best. There were maybe 28, 30 people there.

Q. Do you think you're going to enjoy this new-found celebrity you've got now or do you think more instinctively you might prefer the anonymity you've had up until now?

ANDREW MURRAY: I can't really answer that now because the last couple of days, well, it's only been for maybe three or four days now, and maybe after a couple of months it might be quite difficult. But I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling so I'm not really going to be at home. I don't think it's such a bad thing.

Q. Will you look back on this Wimbledon and say, "I really enjoyed that"?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, of course I enjoyed it. The main thing was playing on Centre Court and playing on Court 1 and winning a couple of matches. I really enjoyed myself here. Hopefully I can come back and do a bit better next year.

Q. What was it like going onto Court 3 after having bunker centre and Court 1?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, it was -- it wasn't as big, but it was still pretty good. There was a lot of people there. On the side where the stand is, there's still a lot of people. There were so many people crowding around. It wasn't a huge difference. It still feels the same, it's just a tennis court.

Q. On a slightly different note, how would you feel about London staging the Olympics? Do you think it would be a good place to stage the Olympics? How do you feel about Wimbledon hosting the tennis tournament?

ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, it would be great, for whichever country the Olympics is held in. Obviously, Wimbledon would be a great place to hold it. Some of the clay-courters might not like it so much. But I think it's very good for the whole country. I'd really like it if it was held in London as well.

Q. Jeremy Bates said today the LTA will continue to give you all the backing they can. How do you feel your relationship has been with them up until this point?

ANDREW MURRAY: Very good. When I first went over to Spain when I was 15, it wasn't so good. Since 16 and a half, 17, their funding has been perfect. I can't really have asked for anything else.

Q. Do you see that continuing? Do you feel you're now in a position to ask for more support?

ANDREW MURRAY: I'm not going to ask for more support. It's their decision what they give me. So far it's been very good. If they give me more, then obviously I'll be happy. But if not, it's not going to make a huge difference.

Q. Are you embarrassed by the female attention? There were loads of girls there.

ANDREW MURRAY: Really (smiling)? That's great. That's the best thing about it.

Q. You're not embarrassed by that?

ANDREW MURRAY: No, not really. It's good.

Q. Have you got spare tickets to take one to the concert?

ANDREW MURRAY: I don't actually. I'm going with a couple of friends.

Q. Did you say anything to these girls who were holding up that banner asking you to marry one of them?

ANDREW MURRAY: When I was signing the autographs, they said, "Andy, Andy." I looked up. They were like, "Do you like the sign?" I was like, "Yeah." Then they were like, "What's your answer?" I was like, "I'm too young."

Q. One of the papers this morning described you as a keen student of boxing. Can you elaborate on that?

ANDREW MURRAY: Boxing is my favorite sport for the last three years really. The day I lost my match, I stayed up until 5 in the morning, I watched Floyd Mayweather against Arturo Gatti, who is in the same division of Ricky Hatton, who is my favorite boxer. I was lining seeing if Ricky Hatton would be able to win against either of them because they were the best two in the division.

Q. What about Scott Harrison?

ANDREW MURRAY: I actually went to watch Scott Harrison once. Obviously, he's very good. I like watching him as well because he's Scottish.

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